Monday, February 12, 2018

Goblin Cavalry Horde for Kings of War

Hello. The Goblin Army expands with unit 3 completed.
This unit was a long time in the making as I started this more than a decade ago for Warhammer but abandoned it shortly after starting.
The Barrels on the unit base are from Renedra and the Dwarf (and Hammer) is from Mantic and the unit tray is plastic also from Mantic but the stones are from my yard (painted over of course).
The Dwarf is painted to match my Dwarf Army. One day they will face the Goblin threat in a day.
This unit felt like it took longer than previous units. Perhaps that was because of the uncomfortable feeling of painting some of the older Spider Riders that I had glued to the Spiders. Any cavalry is easier by not having the rider attached to the mount when painting.

One of the interesting aspects of the Goblin Army is that in my on-line readings players consider all units expendable and no unit is the stand out threat. As scary as this unit looks (especially to those who don't like spiders at all) it's in all likelihood not very tough.

Hopefully another unit gets added soon.
Cheers from Brendon.