Monday, February 19, 2018

Goblin Cavalry and a Wizard

Hello. Another installment of my Goblin Army in progress.

This is a Goblin Fleabag Riders, 'Regiment' for Kings of War. Based on a Plastic Mantic unit tray. I added rocks, sand, paint and flock of course. I also added a Perry plastic shield and a small Renedra Barrel to add interest and more detail to find. Originally I planned for the Boss looking dude to be at the front atop the same two rocks but I changed my mind and went for four across the front instead.
The leader was a regular Skull Pass Games Workshop Night Goblin but I shortened the spear and gave him the big sickle moon weapon just for fun.

Here is the first Hero. A Goblin Wizard with a golden cauldron filled with Mushrooms and a Grim Reaper looking puppet that bursts to life with nasty Lightning Bolts. In game terms he is only 45 points. A bargain perhaps. I am going to complete another one using the same figure but with some minor conversion and color variation. The Evil Twins. 

About time I added these up for a Kings of War army list.
Fleabag Riders Horde 255
Fleabag Riders Regiment 145
Spitters Horde 140
Sharpsticks Legion 230
Wix 45
Total:  815 points 
Cool! Puts me well on the way to Goblin Domination!

Cheers From Brendon