Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sniff Glue and Worship Satan

Misleading post title but I saw that on a T-Shirt and it made me smile. Offensive to some, humorous to me. However on the subject of glue and plastic glue in particular.....I have been sure to have the window wide open and take a lot of breaks when building the small Perry plastic War of the Roses horde. Been a while since I have done a plastic build project.
I now have 1 of each of the three 1450-1500 plastic kits. It's going slowly but well. I am really enjoying the process and can highly recommend these 28mm kits. The products will be expanded with a light horsemen option released hopefully early in the new year. Awesome! much plastic. Spot the missing heads.
So far I have plenty of Foot Men at Arms dudes in the best full Plate Metal armour available and 12 Archers. Horses are well under way for at least 1 unit of 6 but I am yet to build the riding Knights. 
Beyond Lion Rampant this collection will easily expand out to an Army for use in Kings of War (or any other large unit battle game for that matter). You can make a HUGE variety of poses with the foot figures. I will build a mercenary crossbow unit as well. The European Mercenary box comes with plenty of Pavises as well for that upgrade option.
I haven't picked up a brush since I completed the Dystopian Mercenary fleets but I had a curious look on the Irresistible Force webstore (Australian shop) and was excited to see they had in stock some Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes. You might be able to spot them in the photo above. I did not hesitate to get two more. They cost more than the average brush but I got one a long while back and it's been the best brush I have ever used and it's still going. It really needs a proper clean so a likely future purchase is some really good brush cleaning fluid.

Cheers for now from Brendon

Monday, October 6, 2014

Painted Dystopian Mercenary Fleet (lots of pics)

Finally. Pleased to say I have now completed painting my two mercenary fleets for Dystopian Wars. The Black Wolf and East India Merchant Company box sets and an Air base as well. I have not added up the game points worth but usually the sets are around 800-900 points each. Plenty of options for creating a force from. I did buy a second large Black Wolf submersible in addition to the box sets though.

Black Wolf ships including surface skimming ships with Mini Subs ready to drop into the sea.

Double Trouble! Two Black Wolf Submersibles with support skimmers.

Hanging around the air base. Spot the Tiny Flyer Ace.
Nice detail underneath that won't be seen in games like the small fighter ready to drop into the polluted skies.
I took the photos with an iphone in the backyard in the shade. Blue appears to be a colour that digital photography can go a bit silly with. I certainly won't win any miniature photography awards. :)

Painting them all Panzer Grey with a London Grey (Vallejo) dry brush was my idea to make them all look aligned to the same flag. The Red was inspired from the painted example on the Black Wolf box cover. Spartan Games has a Heavy Bomber flyer for a future release but no date as yet so that is really the only future purchase for this force. Very happy to get this completed so I can start my next 28mm project.
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Perry Foot Knights

Couldn't resist sticking these together even though I have a Dystopian project I am trying to complete at the moment. Looking forward to painting them despite feeling as though I had thumbs instead of fingers and probably used too much glue. Initially I am hoping to use these for Lion Rampant games.
Really nice figures these ones and on the way to me are some mounted knights and bowmen in the same series.
It's at least motivating to get myself through my current project to attack these with a brush and paint.
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)