Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valkyrie and Norn

During the Analogue Painting challenge bonus points can be gained during fortnightly theme challenges. Here is my response for the Myth theme challenge. I thought this Valkyrie and Norn in my great unpainted mountain would fit the theme.
I actually got these prior to the previous challenge along with a giant wolf but only managed to get the wolf completed last time. I did not want to go with the traditional blue and white on the Valkyrie so went for a bright green and white instead. I even made the wings on the helmet black instead of white (raven wings perhaps). The white hood for the Norn will really mark her out on any table. The large cape on the larger Valkyrie is of course the perfect opportunity to paint some sort of detailed design. I also made her a big epic base to stand on. The Valkyrie is not the most practical of miniatures with the spear easily bent if not handled carefully. The Valkyrie came with a large shield but I decided it covers a lot of nice detail so left it off. I did think about placing it on the base sort of at her feet. As usual these photos don't quite capture the real colours but you get the idea.
A Norn is one of 3 who can severe and weave thread controlling the fates of Gods and Mortals. That's why she has shears and a thread on her.
These metal miniatures are produced by North Star from the.... of Gods and Mortals range.
Go have a gander at other entries here and you can even vote for your favourite for a limited time.
Cheers from Brendon

Fate pays a visit to the field of battle.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Still catching up my posts with the submissions to the painting challenge. Here is the first mounted unit for the growing Perry Miniatures plastic collection.
Not particularly good photos this time. The red looks a bit glowy in the photos. I will try and get some better images as some stage but not sure when. These filled my submission for the bonus fortnight theme challenge of Mounts and Riders so got me some bonus points. The box comes with 12 so still have 6 more to paint.
Cheers for now from Brendon.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nice surprise (Secret Santa = AWESOME!).

I am really behind in my posts but I got this awesome Secret Santa gift in the mail. It even came with a small Christmas Card. It got misplaced in the chaos of our house as we had a bit going on.

Very cool and perfect for me to expand my growing Army which is progressing really well and this set will be put to use. Very well though out gift!

Cheers and thanks Secret Santa and let me know who you are and I will give you and your blog a big shout out.
Cheers and big thanks from one happy gamer.