Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Varangur Fallen Kings of War

Made further progress in completing this unit of Varangur Fallen. I should get this completed before the Painting Challenge begins in Dec 2017. I have also started prepping the old Chaos warriors in my collection. I managed to acquire some more via Facebook. These will be for Sons of Korgan units. The new acquisitions will be re-painted and the old ones need some attention as well. I painted many ofthem with a purple colour that I must have liked back in the day. I will get rid of this colour by painting it black or metal. This will not be a bright coloured army at all.

Cheers from Brendon

Monday, December 4, 2017

Magus Conclave in progress

I enjoyed making one of these so much that I made another. These are two Magus Conclaves. They are a War Engine option for a Varangur army in the Kings of War fantasy mass battle system.
A trio of Evil Shaman channeling some demonic power to blast enemies from a distance.

 Theses are all ready to go for the Painting Challenge and I am looking forward to splashing paint on them. The bodies and most of the arms are Gripping Beast Arab infantry. Heads are from Games Workshop Chaos Warriors as are the Staff toppers. Some staffs are Spears with two diagonal cuts to transform them into wizardly staffs. I also nicked the old spears. Nothing complex about these creations but I really like them. 
So much Prep...so much..
Cheers from Brendon

Friday, November 24, 2017

Monstrous Challenge

Tis almost the season for the Painting Challenge, Tra la la la laaaa! Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge number 8 to be exact. Though my hobby time has shrunk over the past year and a bit I plan to get some painting done on my metal and plastic hordes over the Wet Season here. It's always inspiring and motivating to be part of the challenge even if my output has shrunk due to time available.
I have a variety of ideas in the works and have managed to build some figures over the lat couple of months from my plastic horde. More recently I have been inspired to buy even more as well.
My Dwarf army for Kings of War will expand with these fantastic living statue reinforcements from MOM Miniatures. I was amazed at how fast they turned up from the other side of the world. Looking forward to getting these underway and the overall theme for this years challenge is monstrous things. Which is a happy coincidence for me as I have a few of the larger things that have been sitting in the 'round to it' file for way too long. I have a vacation planned (volcano dependent) that will cut 3 weeks from the challenge but I should come back re-energized to get some paint flying.

Totally uninspiring image of new purchase!

Cheers from here and if you are in the Challenge....see you in the Mosh Pit!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Creating a unit of 'The Fallen' for Kings of War

This is a small project I had in mind a while back but have taken forever to get around to actually starting. It's been a while since I painted anything but I have been doing a fair bit of building miniatures and prep work recently.

Who are The Fallen? A unit option for a 'Kings of War' 'Varangur' army. Varangur are Evil demon/god worshipers. Kind of like Chaos in the world of Warhammer.
The options for this unit is as a Regiment or a Horde size. A Regiment is 3 miniatures and a Horde is 6. The rules allow to model less figures than 6 and even though I had 6 miniatures in mind I could keep one aside for a Hero option (Cursed Son). No product line exists that I am aware which is kinda cool as the imagination can cut loose on what to use.
Reading the paragraph of background fluff I get this......Blah Blah Blah deadly warriors...blah blah blah..loose formations....blah blah... hefty glaives.....
In the Stats they are Height 1 (Human height), and have a Speed of 8inches which makes them 3 inches faster than regular humans. Looking at the options my Varangur force is going to need some faster moving units.
I thought that these Warmachine Doom Reavers I painted a while back are a great fit for 'The Fallen'.
They have the movement, Giant Glaives, and a kind of crazy evil feel about them.The Stats have Defence at 5+ which is rock hard but I guess getting past a giant spinning sword is hard and also in a fantasy world magic can be used to explain anything. Even though Warmachine is 32mm scale (I think) the larger scale actually helps this unit of magic infused crazy lunatics.
Alternatively if the force was modeled from Historical Vikings a unit of Berserkers would look the part as well. Maybe I will do that in the future (another purchase).

 Above. I did briefly consider basing them on 40mm bases but decided nope opting for the single large base instead. 

Base cut down Mantic plastic unit tray. These bases come with a lip that actually makes them a little bigger than the Rule book base size so sliced them off. I had to trim and file down the lip in the middle zone. This tray was made for standard 20mm units at 5 across which is shorter than 3 x 40mm. Mantic make these at Large Infantry size now. Perhaps I should get some.

Removing the Miniatures from bases involved a strong pair of scissors to snip them one side of the slot. They came apart easy after that with no parts broken. As you can see one side of the Mantic trays has a nice texture.

Removing the slot plug from the feet did result in a sword snap off and also a leg at the knee but was easily super glued back together. I used blister pack packing foam to help avoid paint lose but it didn't save the breaks from my clumsiness. Most gamers would recommend pinning the feet to the base but the feet are actually fairly wide. I have placed them above to visualize final placement but the middle dude is glued to a rock.

Now they are all glued to the base. I have nudged some small rocks next to some feet to try and help them stay attached to the base.

Here they are after the sand has dried with the lone 'Cursed Son' on his 25mm x 25mm base. I may add even more rocks before painting the base. It is most likely that I will paint over the Red Armour as well with black. Red is the faction colour for Warmachine. I will also change the hair colour of the unmasked individual as well to black. The blond just does not contrast well against the skin tones.

Cheers for now
From Brendon