Thursday, November 26, 2015

Conquest Games Medieval Plastic Archers at last

I pre-ordered 1 box of Plastic 28mm Archers from Conquest Games and have been keen to get my hands on them and I am very happy to share the news that they finally arrived. I assembled two archers to see how they look as soon as I could. The kit comes with shorter bows and longer bow options. these have the smaller bows. As previous releases the arms join to bodies just above the elbow. I think some arms will look odd if time isn't taken to check how they look on the bodies.
A great variety in heads are included in the frames

The main plastic frame. Kit comes with 4 of these.
1 frame that has a flag (same as Norman Infantry) and 2 frames with 1 body and more Bow arms.

In conclusion.....EXCELLENT! 
Cheers from Brendon

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More Foot Knights with Pikes and a Wizard

Continuing the Perry Foot Knight Pike conversions here are some more creations. I made two armed with a type of short Pike. I read a description of Pikes being different lengths. I used a feathered head from the Light Cavalry set to give them that flamboyant flavour.

What started as just a few can now be used as it's own unit of well armoured Pike. The shorter pikes are actually a practical way to make sure the unit is easier to line up against other units when they make contact in games. I have two more spaces to fill. I did not intend to make an entire unit of these but I might as well now.

Next is an Arab Wizard made from Gripping Beast parts except the top of the staff. I am thinking I might find a different open hand instead of the clenched fist.
Cheers from Brendon

Monday, November 23, 2015

Knights with Pikes and something else

I have left over Perry Plastic Foot Knights so decided to make some of them have Pikes to add a bit of back bone to the lesser armoured Pike Infantry. You never know it might make them braver and pass a critical Morale test on the table. Basically it is swapping out Halberds for Pikes with shaved off hands from the Mercenary kit.

Next I have a couple of very simple ideas. The Arab standard bearer has arms from a FireForge Mongol set. Next to him is a Mongol Shaman. A simple addition to a spear with an old GW chaos spikey piece and a Gripping Beast Viking wolf cloak. With the usually downward shield arm rotated up the Shaman is letting out some kind of evil curse on his enemies.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)