Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Assembly and prep mania!

I did some good assembly and primer work before the last Paint Challenge and some of those a year later are still not painted so they might just get completed this time around. However after getting the Lion Rampant rules I purchased some Perry Plastic War of the Roses sets. One of each and together they will make a very nice army. I seem to be progressing at glacial speed at the moment though. Don't be fooled by the horde in the images below.
It's taken me an what feels like an Eon to get this far.
Looking forward to getting some paint on them though.
Crossbow unit with Pavise.

Knights. Mounted Knights that is.

Lets get the Band back together. YEAH! Rock out!

Ready for a flag to wave. Might change the raised sword arm on the left though.
Dreadball Robot team and a big dude. The clean up on these is a very big SUCK indeed!
Even though I joined the initial Dreadball kickstarter a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away I have not painted a complete team or played a game. I was thinking these Robots though might make for a good Robot gang in Judge Dredds universe. I was also thinking that Dead Zone by Mantic might be a good place to use Dredd figures as proxies. I got a good stock of Judge Dredd figures when War & Peace had a half price sale so hopefully the Paint Challenge will see them through to completion. Hopefully variety will keep me motivated and stimulated.
Be sure to checkout the new location for the Paint Challenge. Some interesting side challenges starting to be thrown around.

Cheers from Brendon

Friday, November 7, 2014

Let the paint fly!

That time of the year for this wargamer to participate in a bit of online fun that combines two things. Firstly Painting and secondly...blogging. The announcement has been made for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and it's theme. Now in its 5th year! If you followed this blog you would know that I had a red hot go last time around with a goal initially of 600 points.  I managed to get past that so as advised I am going to push the goal post a bit further out to 1,000 points. If I get there great..if I don't...it don't really matter. It's not a competition but a challenge to myself to get paint on figures.
I will have to put my thinking cap on as to what I will send for an Entry Fee figure. The theme is Anti-Hero. The charming evil doer that you can't help but like or even admire a little perhaps.

Even though the Facebook group calls this the WINTER CHALLENGE...It's not winter here. It's more of a Wet Season challenge for me. So hopefully it rains lots and I have no choice but to sit inside and paint. It ties in nicely now that project Backyard Upgrade is near completion as well so I can get back on the brushes. For now it will be back to sticking together Perry Plastics.

Other stuff...
I went and saw FURY at the movies. Sherman Tanks near the end of WWII and focusing on one crew mostly. I liked it. Makes you want to go and play Flames of War tank games and find books from WWII veteran tankers. It does tend to head into a big Hollywood heroic sequence but don't be put off by that. It's got some incredible effects in it. Seeing German AT PaK40 guns in action was both fascinating and scary to say the least. Lots of gear in it that wargamers will be able to name.

Kings of War...that mass fantasy 28mm wargame has announced that they will tighten the rules and re-publish the rulebook next year (2015). Yes...they will do this through Kickstarter. You may think of Kickstarter as just really a pre-order system for larger companies but, Mantic also use it as a deadline motivation to get projects over the line. I will be backing this as I have found the game to be most excellent fun. If you played Warhammer Fantasy and want to try an alternative set of rules then give it a go. I am certain they will review the point cost of some units in the interest of game balance among the improvements.

One more thing...
The Judge Dredd miniatures game has an expansion book coming out soon. Blood on the Streets will have new forces and lots of Scenarios to play with many specific for particular factions. Sounds good to me.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November already?

My head has been elsewhere over the last month. Any spare time has been filled with hard labour in my own little piece of ex-convict Island. While it is nearing end stage (which is better than good) a massive back yard project has interrupted normal routines. Go ahead and skip the last part if this slice of life outside of gaming if it is of no interest to you. You probably didn't come here for my backyard blitzkrieg in any case.

I had pushed back a game of Lion Rampant vs Lochy due to 'The Project' but we got together a week later for our first test run. We did something very wrong in the game (my fault) but we got a feel for it. Our thoughts are that terrain is handled really well. We had a big chunk of hedge on our table and it was interesting with a cover bonus for fights across it and also large foot units crossing the obstacle. We both had the opinion that a good amount of terrain will be excellent for this game. Easy to handle rules wise, looks good and gives you pause for tactical thoughts perhaps.
Wild Charge special rule for Mounted Men-at Arms units was hilarious with them mostly very random once in reach of enemy units.  
Our random made up forces not at 24 points.

Move out! If the dice let you that is.

Hedge of Doom!

Bash! Smash! Ching! Slash! Stab! Neigh! Screams! Blood! Grunt!


Crossbow unit. Caused a few casualties.

I don't know which side won in the end but we called it over when tests to Rally became hard to achieve. Little plastic men had other places to be rather than becoming casualties.

Project Lawn Be-Gone!
It started with thinking about getting some outdoor furniture. Sure we got camping chairs and tables but maybe something else would be nice for an afternoon or evening in the yard. It can be real nice in the back yard with lots of shade from Golden Canes I planted when we first moved in now all at a very nice height Those same palms though caused other problems. Palms tend to have a large shallow root mat that spreads out in search of water. The modest back lawn was suffering due to trying to compete for food and water. It looked crappier as the years went by and my plan was to be rid of it one day. What started as 'we will just pave an area' became...the paved area got bigger and eventually... lets just be done with the grass that just needs watered and mowed. Yaay! Less work in the future. A pick axe was required to break up the root mat under the lawn. Stupidly we timed it with a very hot time of the year so I sweated truckloads and it made my patience wear thin. Eventually we could pave, order some stones and get it over the line to near complete. I was concerned that at our age if we one of us or both of us would emerge without major injury at the end. Unfortunately my partner in construction now has a very sore back. Hopefully she gets well soon.
Before shot. White string to mark approx position of paved area. Trampoline is no longer used so will be going soon.
Morning shot. Sun is behind the corner at the top by afternoon.

Tough stuff to get out. We put a root barrier down to help keep them out. Hopefully it helps out for the future.

Distorted Panoramic of almost completed. Each paver is 400 x 400mm. We have some stepping stones to place in the stones.
It's far from perfect. I would call it mostly Bogan Built. Close examination might find gaps and slight height difference between some pavers. But we are happy with the result. No lawn to mow and water (as small as it was) so that's a win with time being spent on my hobby instead perhaps. I pushed myself physically with this and also tried some things for the first time like mixing concrete to make a little holding wedge around the pavers. I will need to spend some time in the garden now to get that to a tidier state and shift around a few large heaps of dirt from the epic surface excavation. Cold Beer time I think. Actually I still have some stepping stones to distribute in the rocks...yep better get some Beers.

Cheers from Brendon