Thursday, March 22, 2018

Three Cyclop giants. Monster March.

These three lads are from Puppets War, made of resin and, they have a ton of character. Well done to the sculptor for these excellent designs.

I have had them in my collection for some time. Mainly because two needed some filling at arm joins and I put that sort of work off. Not something I am a big fan of. It's just a part of the hobby that does not appeal but the effort is worth it...when I get around to it.

I attempted three different shades of skin tones with two ending up very similar. They are based on 50mm squares for use in my Kings of War Goblin army. These big idiots are around 75mm tall with the possible Rock Thrower war machine substitute being around 90mm tall including his nicely decorated Dwarven stone. I gloss varnished the Eyes and the mouths and really like the result of that.

I am never sure when it comes to adding blood to add more or less. Not really a fan of too much blood on miniatures but with a grisly stump it was required and the reason for the missing head was snack time no doubt. I just picked the nearest head as the likely consumer.
The eyeballs could have been painted to look down more but, I was happy with how they looked. They look at you the viewer rather than infantry below them. These are not as tall as the plastic GW Giant but I was very happy to discover three distinctly different looking Giants that fit tidily on 50mm square bases. Perfect for my desire of three Giants in my Goblin army for Kings of War. They are my last Submission for The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge but also fit the Monstrous March challenge.

I rushed to get these photos done as I was short on time recently due to my City coming under attack from Cyclone Marcus. A big clean required afterward and I have a few images of that on my instagram profile.... the_brendonius. Lots of destroyed trees mainly. That's life in the Cyclone prone Tropics.

Cheers from Brendon

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Monstrous challenge

The final Theme challenge round in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge in 2018 was... MONSTROUS. I went back to where I started and completed the brother/cousin/relative of the Demon I painted at the start. I also completed a MOM Miniatures Stone Golem for my Dwarf army. Both of these monsters are for my 'Kings of War' collections.

Painting these also ties in with the Monster March challenge.

These Monsters are both on 50mm square bases. Including the bases they are around 100mm high.

No Goblins to post this week but stand by for future additions to that army.

Cheers from Brendon

Friday, March 2, 2018

Arab spear armed double ups.

6 x Gripping Beast Plastic Arab Infantry. Three of them have shields with LBM decals and the others are hand painted. Painting the script is really interesting.

I completed these a while back but didn't post them here. I have doubled these up on 25mm bases in order to make my units look a lot 'fuller'. I have a lot more of these that I had prepared prior to the Painting Challenge but they have been sitting waiting for a couple of months as project Goblin jumped in front of them.

Cheers from Brendon

Monday, February 26, 2018

Goblin Sharpsticks Legion for Kings of War

This enormous unit is based on the dimensions required for a 'Legion' in 'Kings of War'. A 'Legion' is symbolic of 60 infantry. Like the previous Sharpsticks Horde I went with some base filling with a crazy idea to include a leader Goblin in a chariot. I had spotted two wheels and two side pieces in my bit's that I had kept from long ago and thought these would be perfect for a scratch built giant spider pulled Chariot and this was the project for those bits. The great aspect about being involved in a Challenge is to sometimes do exactly that. Challenge myself to try something.
My initial idea was a small chariot pulled by a single spider. However I dove into construction and ended up with a small but wide platform. In retrospect I knew immediately if I had made the angle less it would look more like a single animal pulled chariot but, this was try as I go building and not much planning involved apart from a quick sketch to cement my brain wave. Perhaps even taking some of the length of the side pieces would have shrunk it as well. So change of plan to make it a two spider pulled boss chariot. I found some more bits and added the wheel blades and the front pointy piece. Everything else on the chariot is just sprue carved up and the platform is a Renedra base. The Chariot rider is a converted plastic Goblin who did have a small Squig instead of a shield and a sickle type blade that went on a previously completed Spider rider. I decided that two gong bashing noise makers walking behind this Chariot to announce his presence would fit the bill.
I hope the presence of the chariot does not confuse people as to what this unit really is. Goblins with spears and shields....and lots of them. That's unit number five completed for project Goblin Army.

The term for the size of this unit (Legion) Reminds me of a 'KREATOR' songs lyrics....
"We are LEGION! United in Hate!"
So go and play some high quality German Thrash Metal.

Cheers from Brendon