Friday, February 15, 2019

Arab Archers, Dark Age Archers and 3 others

This week is a variety of 28mm plastics with one having a rest.

Mounted on a 25x50mm base makes for a great filler on a Cavalry unit. Perhaps he fell off his horse?
I didn't paint any blood or indication of a reason for his little lie down. Maybe he got knocked unconscious or perhaps he has crippling belly ache. Too much food in foreign lands.

Next is 3 double ups and a single. Plastic Arabs from Gripping beast. Sword waving dudes are traditional unit officers. The Shields are hand painted designs. I had a great time painting them and painting shields becomes a project within itself. I felt I had finally found my groove again. It's taken a while to get my eye back in but finding some painting Mojo is great. Variety really helps.

Below is another bossy looking boss for a Red and Black unit. His companion on his base was painted a while back but was torn asunder from his previously completed base. Re-basing is a pain but I am determined to create more double ups. This one is destined for a Pike unit and as I already have Flag waving dudes he will not be getting one though he looks like he should.

More plastic Dark Age Archers from Gripping Beast.
One of these was a carry over from my previous weeks painting who needed a base buddy.
Devoid of armour and not having a uniform colour these take more painting than higher value troops.
Helmets can make painting heads easier. Chain mail means less choices for colours.


Below I thought I would show you why I double base. This universal unit tray is for a 'Troop' infantry size in 'Kings of War'. That originates from 10 in 2 ranks of 5 on 20mm square bases. As you can see 4 on a tray looks great for a skirmish unit but the double bases thicken the unit.

Cheers from Brendon

Friday, February 1, 2019

ARCHERS! Cavalry!

The Painting Challenge deadline is great for getting items over the line to completion. At some point it's time to stop painting. Miniatures can be overworked until the point of being really unhappy with the result. Sometimes it's best just to be satisfied that it's as good as it might be today and not tomorrow or next week. These are wargames miniatures after all and fill the function within a unit rather than individual display pieces.

That rambling aside below I have for you is 2 FireForge Plastic Mongols on horses. Each are on 50mm square bases.
6 Dark Age Archers with 5 from the Gripping Beast plastic box and 1 from Conquest Games.
4 Arab Archers from Gripping Beast.
1 x Norman Cavalry casualty from Conquest games.

Group Photo.

Morning light was a bit overcast. A monsoon over Darwin means cooler days which is nice. But the shadows on these hides a bit of the colour.

Looking at these Arab Archers below I will consider trying to get the next batch a tad brighter.

One Horse below got a small mound built up to give it a different look than its neighbors. I realise now in the Photos that may not have painted the teeth of the Black horse.

 You have reached a Dead End :) .

Been a long time since I freehand painted a Shield.
Cheers from Brendon during a nice Top End Monsoon.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Dogs of War

I purchased this a long while back and I think from memory they are from Crusader Miniatures but correct me if I am wrong.
I purchased these as a unit for my Viking army for Kings of War Historical. The concept being...I plan to make some Cavalry for an Anglo-Saxon army. The main enemy for them is Vikings who arrive via longship and lack cavalry usually. To offset Cavalry they employ/bully these dog teams to help them out. In the rules these units have a minor bonus if they go toe to toe with Cavalry.
In Kings of War these are a Regiment and two Troop sized units.
Alternatively two Regiments if the Troop units are together.

I almost considered abandoning the handlers for plastic dudes to better match my existing collection. But I persevered with them as perhaps these unique units should have unique barefooted handlers.
I don't need the handlers to pop so nice subdued Dark Age colors for them as usual for Dark Ages. 

The strangely bottom rounded cloak gave an opportunity to try some freehand tartan for one of them.
It was good to get these finally done as they had been primed a long time back before last years project Goblin army.

Cheers from Brendon

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Red and the Black Infantry and Cavalry

These Perry Miniatures plastics are finely detailed so it was a hard re-introduction to painting after many months of no activity with a brush. I built these before the last painting challenge but it seems the Goblin army project took over. Overall despite it feeling like a long time to get them completed I am satisfied with them. Among the double ups below are some options that do not come straight off the sprue. Getting different weapons glued onto cut down Pikes I found to be frustrating but worth it in the end. Some hands have been cut off and replaced and some cases I had to rebuild or gap fill wrists. Probably why I put them to one side for so long.

These Pikemen will help bulk up the figure count on my universal Kings of War unit bases. Doubling them up 25mm round bases requires painting one of them before adding them to the base. It's a bit more work compared to single basing with the base material all completed before painting (apart from the flock of course). For Kings of War I aim to have options for regular Pike and  Heavy Pike. The one musician was painted and based a long time back but I hacked him off the base to rebase him in the double up way. I seem to have a few more that this will happen to in the future.

Four light lancers with 2 on 50x50mm bases to help with base filling a unit tray. Some standard brown horses for these. Nothing fancy.

More double ups for Billmen/Halberds and Black Powder shooters.
I have a few more in the production pipeline.

The photos don't really capture them but you get the general idea. For some reason the Helmets have a reddish reflection on them. It's not some sort of cool burnish wash on them at all.
Cheers from Brendon and may your Bacon be salty and your Beer dark.