Friday, March 27, 2015


This is the remaining 9 riders from a Fire Forge Mongol Cavalry box that I completed. I have conspired with a fellow gamer to get some more of these all the way from Italy. Eventually I aim to build enough for use in 'Lion Rampant'. As I have already said I really like how animated and full of action they look.
Rushed photography resulted in a variety of colour change. All photos are on the same coloured ground would you believe.

Google image search of Mongol horses supplied the inspiration for the patterns and colours below.

I made one standard bearer with a clenched fist in the air. Rocking out or giving the signal to ATTACK!

Cheers from BrendonW (The Kiwi)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Three Perry Knights

Three Perry Plastics for my 'Red and Black' Wars of the Roses collection. I actually have one left to do from the box of 12. I plan to make that one a standard bearer.
I noticed that some cool bloggers place an image behind miniatures so I did an image search and printed an A3. I rushed these photos to get them submitted for the end of the Painting Challenge along with the remaining completed Mongol Calvary. I will post them later.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

Monday, March 23, 2015

First game of 2015. FoW Early War

March sees me play my very first game of 2015. For throwing off the rules rust we went for 1500 points of Early War. German Panzers vs French Panhards and friends. Free for All mission.
A very enjoyable game with those tense moments that could see it swing either way. The club had a Magic Card game event happening and it was rather full and busy. Great to catch up with some fellow gamers I haven't seen in a while after just basically really getting into my painting over the duration of the Painting Challenge.
Enjoy the glory of blurred smartypants phone photos!
At other end my Panzer III platoon and 6 Rads cross craters to head off Motorcycle troops.

Panzer II platoon moves around Church to help force back the Motorcycle troops.

It worked but French infantry make a foothold in a building.

They failed to motivate after orders to assault tanks a few times (despite denying the defensive fire due to within 4")

Panhards look very nice!

As do the fully tracked friends they have.

In the woods some Panhards close in on an Objective. Panzer III 1iC and 2iC with some Panzer II friends rush to intercept.
It got all kinds of crazy in these woods. Panhards are no more but the French Heavys have arrived!

Only two 6 Rads stay on this table end to defend against French Infantry that building hopped to within sight of  an Objective!

Nice French Artillery. Direct fire Anti Tank = kick ass! Bombard on tanks...not so much.

Game end! Germans capture Dirt road exit! French forced to disengage and regroup.

Germans lost the Platoon of Panzer III. Stuka ground attack contributed nothing.