Thursday, January 17, 2019

Varangur War Machines

2 x Varangur War Machines. These 50x50mm bases are the Varangur version of a big Dwarf Gun or a a Trebuchet etc. That is...if they could shoot lightning bolts instead! Three evil demon worshiping wizards or shamen combine wizardry powers to blast the opposition with a brutal spell all the while not having to push a heavy war engine around. They do have to drag around the big staffs though.
The bodies of these miniatures are Gripping Beast plastic Arab infantry with some arms from other boxes including some from FireForge Mongols, heads and staff toppers from Games Workshop. 

These are painted to match the overall tone of metal and black for the rest of the army. The Photos I have taken on my iphone don't quite capture the shading on them. Looking at them now I think I could see my way to doing some more minor painting on them. A little more khaki dust and perhaps making the metal skulls a brass colour. 

Cheers from Brendon

Friday, December 14, 2018

Awesome Dioramas in Bali

In early October 2018 I went on a family Holiday to Bali and while I have been to Bali a few times before it was my first visit to the Bajra Sandhi Monument in Denpasar. I read in Lonely Planet that it contained some Dioramas that display moments in time of Bali history so I was eager to see it and tick it off my ever expanding list of things to see in Bali. From memory all up there was around 20 Dioramas of excellent quality. Balinese craft work has a fantastic history of high quality and attention to detail. The glass windowed large Dioramas feature trick geometry in the buildings and larger figures at the front with smaller scales at the rear to create fantastic perspective and depth illusions. The superb background paintings that almost flawlessly meet the ground only add to the illusion. I didn't capture that many photos as you can see below. The struggle against the Dutch over time is featured a lot. The international Air-Port in Bali is named after one of the famous freedom fighters Ngurah Rai. For a sometimes miniature painter like me it's always a pleasure to gaze upon these fantastic creations.

Inside the walls of the Monument.  

Japanese occupation WWII. Handing out beatings for Road construction.

Dutch beach landing and assault.

Dutch attack on Balinese royalty.

Japanese surrender in Bali. Mount Agung in background.

More warfare with the Dutch forces.

Cheers from Brendon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fellowship of painters

Yes. It's been a long while since I pushed these keyboard buttons and contributed a post to this Blog.
I have really not had anything wargames hobby to post about. That will change in the near future as I have accepted a place in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. It certainly helps the Wet Season go faster with outside time not as attractive as the Humidity rises and eventually the rain starts falling here in far North Australia. I aim for a humble total of 750 points as I need to get back on the painting wagon but I am unsure as to how much I can get done. My lifestyle now includes time given up for exercise which I thoroughly enjoy. I have plenty of miniatures prepped left over from previous Challenges so hope to make a dent in them. The Fellowship of painters always makes for encouraging and motivating times.

Cheers and happy painting.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Three Cyclop giants. Monster March.

These three lads are from Puppets War, made of resin and, they have a ton of character. Well done to the sculptor for these excellent designs.

I have had them in my collection for some time. Mainly because two needed some filling at arm joins and I put that sort of work off. Not something I am a big fan of. It's just a part of the hobby that does not appeal but the effort is worth it...when I get around to it.

I attempted three different shades of skin tones with two ending up very similar. They are based on 50mm squares for use in my Kings of War Goblin army. These big idiots are around 75mm tall with the possible Rock Thrower war machine substitute being around 90mm tall including his nicely decorated Dwarven stone. I gloss varnished the Eyes and the mouths and really like the result of that.

I am never sure when it comes to adding blood to add more or less. Not really a fan of too much blood on miniatures but with a grisly stump it was required and the reason for the missing head was snack time no doubt. I just picked the nearest head as the likely consumer.
The eyeballs could have been painted to look down more but, I was happy with how they looked. They look at you the viewer rather than infantry below them. These are not as tall as the plastic GW Giant but I was very happy to discover three distinctly different looking Giants that fit tidily on 50mm square bases. Perfect for my desire of three Giants in my Goblin army for Kings of War. They are my last Submission for The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge but also fit the Monstrous March challenge.

I rushed to get these photos done as I was short on time recently due to my City coming under attack from Cyclone Marcus. A big clean required afterward and I have a few images of that on my instagram profile.... the_brendonius. Lots of destroyed trees mainly. That's life in the Cyclone prone Tropics.

Cheers from Brendon