Monday, September 1, 2014

6 player Dystopian War

We had a HUGE battle at our club. 3 players per side each with 900 points of Dystopian Wars Naval madness and supporting technological marvels. The game went for a long time and was probably a draw. I am probably happy at this stage to stay out of multi player games for a while now as we have been playing a fair few lately and whilst it's great fun it requires a certain amount of patience. Different play speeds and off topic talking etc can slow it to a grind. But rules learning with more people is really beneficial to get players up to speed or pick up on mistakes made and I get to know people a bit better that I haven't really had that much interaction with. We did not include the TAC card option but did include the Objectives but only rolled up 3 of them. They add another random bit of interest to a game.
I tired out a whacky list with some of the more exotic options and some for the very first time. At the bizarre and unusual end of the spectrum my Blazing Sun forces have a few interesting choices like the large Ika Robot Assault Squid, Ziragani small acid squirting Robot squids and the mysterious Yurei Terror ship with it's Ghost generator. I really enjoyed how it worked and may have found a good combination that works for me on the table. Not dominating by any means as I think the game is far more balanced now but it will hopefully cause a few hard choices for my opponents.
Anyway here are some photos.
Cheers from Brendon
Australian Navy (opposite my fleet).

My deployment and the mysterious Ghost Ship

Lots of Ocean

whoooooooo...ooooooo...oooooooo. Spooky!

Those crazy scientists from Antarctica.

Ottoman skimmers vs French skimmers at the other end of the table.

Aussies on the attack!

Unpainted wars. Who's who? I can't tell but the circles are big storms. Crazy technology strikes again.

Arise to the surface my Robot Squid and DESTROY!

Mwah mwah ha ha ha! Tentacle guns to the FACE!


End Game! No more time!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lion Rampant solo test

Using my Dark Age figures it was easy enough to find suitable units to represent them in Lion Rampant for a solo test of the rules. I made two 16 point forces but did not battle to the end of a game but managed to get a few turns under way to try the most important factor of the game to me. How does it feel?
Feel of a game is hard to pin down as your experiences will be different to mine but gamers instinct and intuition kicks in eventually.
Even though Lion Rampant is not designed for the Dark Ages I think it could actually work really well provided gamers used history and imagination for inspiration on what units to use. For the Vikings it was 2 units of Fierce Foot (FF) and 2 units of Foot Serjeants (FS). FF of course being the younger and more eager boat crews who have many shirtless members and just can't wait to prove themselves. Subject to Wild Charge they may just attack without waiting on instructions. FS on the other hand are perhaps a little more cautious and experienced long boat crews.
For 16 points of Anglo-Saxon defenders of England I mixed it up with a unit of Archers (Slings in this case) some Serfs (12 Angry Monks substituted), 2 units of FS and 1 unit of Yeoman. Yeoman are very similar to FS but less armour (not enough helmets and chain mail to go around lads, sorry about that). 
OK so that feels fine. On to gaming.

Activation. Initially it was moving to contact each other. No Wild Charges to test for a few turns. Wild Charge is the FF just charging in to attack at the start of the turn whether you want them to or not (must be in charge range though). FF however had 8" movement compared to everyone else on 6". They got across the table first but it was interesting when snake eyes shows up to activate and the turn ends without moving anything. Makes for a fast feel to the game.  
Eventually a Viking FF pulled of a Wild Charge on a group of Serfs (Mad Monks) and wiped them out immediately. Serfs really are a speed bump! Could be an interesting tactical choice though to lure units forward though.
Bye Bye Monks (Serfs). Nice knowing you.

Anglo Saxon units activated Schiltron moves. In a nutshell you just reform the unit into a 2 deep shield wall and it improves armour by 1. Doesn't sound like a big deal but it made a big improvement to survivability from receiving an attack by Viking Lunatics.
The bottom line in hand to hand combat in Lion Rampant is that you want to be the one pulling off the most Attacks. Attacker will usually have increased chances of inflicting casualties over defenders. 

Shooting. I only had 1 round of shooting before I packed it in for the night. I had to watch the Rabbitohs beat the Bulldogs on the telly. I back the Rabbitohs so I was happy about that. 
Anyway back to shooting, only 1 figure needs line of sight and range is measured from the nearest figure. Any cover only increases armour of target unit. This meant that I could target a unit of FF that was mostly behind an intervening friendly unit. Cool! I could imagine that rising and plunging image of arrows on the Medieval battlefield.
Slingers shoot over a Schiltron (Shieldwall) into some Fierce Foot Viking raiders.

Overall it felt like one thing was missing to add the more dynamic aspect of the game as it is intended. Mounted units. They will be awesome for getting across the table (when they do as they are told that is).
The game has a great feel about it. At 24 points there will be a lot more things happening on a table. The variety of scenarios will also be a challenge. The Author suggests that perhaps an all Knight force may struggle in some scenarios against an all infantry force. Which leads to consideration of Army balance. There is no restriction on Army build by the way. You could have all Knights if you wanted. 24 points will get you four 6 figure units. 24 figures in total. Economic perhaps.

Anyway cheers for now from Brendon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dystopian Wars Mercenary Painting Progress

Prior to the arrival of the Lion Rampant rules I started work on addition to my Dystopian Wars forces. I decided to start an alternate force from my Blazing Sun fleet and looked at the Mercenary forces. I started with a Black Wolf box and after looking at the rules they can have access to a Landing Strip fortification. It functions like a Carrier except it can't move. They can be placed on the Ocean surface like a giant oil drilling platform. After taking a while in deciding a suitable layout I glued the buildings on the big clear plastic deck then sprayed black. The set actually comes with two bases so another one is now in the 'round-to-it' file.You get a good variety of detailed buildings including two really big towers but I only plan to place one on the next platform. The air strip has some etched markings that I used for painting the runway markings.

The eight small Black Wolf ships became tests for a colour scheme I had in mind and this is reflected in the airstrip base. I am also working on a East India Trading Company Merchant fleet as well in the same dark colour scheme. The idea of course is for them to form one combination force of The Black Wolf Vodka and East India Pale Ale fleet.  
Just two quick pics I took on my painting table. When I have some more completed I will take some more pics with them on an ocean surface rather than making waves across my table.
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)