Monday, March 13, 2017

Dark Age Normans and two Anglo-Saxons

Dark Age warriors on horse and on foot. Cavalry from Conquest Games Normans and foot sloggers are Gripping beast. One of the foot soldiers has arms from a FireForge set.  All shields are hand painted and so is the banner. 

Not very well photographed so apologies for that rushed effort.

I actually had these completed before my previous post. Cheers for now from Brendon.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Six Red and Black Light Cavalry

New recruits for the nation that values Beer and Bacon above all that glitters. Light Cavalry from Perry Miniatures to defend the kingdoms high carb virtues.

These detailed figures take me longer than most at the same scale to complete but I was lucky enough to find some more time available to me the past week. Time seems to be in short supply for this hobby for me at the moment. But that's the way it rolls sometimes. 

Hope it's all been good in your part of the world. Here we saw a cyclone form nearby but only got to Category 1 and passed us by. Cyclone Blanche which had people humming the 'Golden Girls' theme. Those old enough to remember anyway.

Anyway cheers from here and I hope my dodgy photos look OK on whatever device you are viewing them on.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mounted Mongols and Knights

Mounted mayhem in this post with 4 Perry Miniatures Knights and 5 FireForge Mongols. All plastic and all 28mm. These earned me 90 points in the Painting Challenge.

The Mongols feature 4 armoured torsos from Gripping Beast Arab Cavalry. The Mongol on the square base will have a rider swap for a Bow shooting dude. It's an idea for skirmish units to make them have less figures per unit. I will eventually show what that looks like at some stage.

The Knights have two leader types with extra gold to make them stand out in a unit. I plan to do a few more of these types as my Knights have increased considerably. 

Cheers and enjoy your painting from Brendon.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Dark Ages recruits

Getting these 28mm mostly Gripping Beast infantry completed seemed to take a long time. Probably because I was also dabbing away at other in progress miniatures at the same time. A few more didn't get completed in time for the weekly deadline so there will be some overlap with other miniatures in a future post. Like how the lone Conquest Games Norman overlaps from the previous ones painted. He was 80% completed at last deadline.

All shields are hand painted except one (not the Norman one). The LBM decal shield had extensive weathering applied in any case.

Many years ago I created a handy army board out of the lid from a large plastic box that I usually used for storing and transporting scenery. That's what these miniatures have been placed on for this photography session.

A little shine on these miniatures was probably from over illumination when taking the pics. The light may be too close to the subject perhaps. They had plenty of Anti-Shine painted on them.

There are some bodies here from FireForge. I even added some arms from a Perry kit.

As at writing this it is very Monsoonal here in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. We may even get a Cyclone soon in this region. Crap loads of rain makes for great painting weather though.

Cheers from Brendon