Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Goblin Legion

For Kings of War this is a 'Legion' of Goblins. The second unit for my Goblin army project.
 'Legion' size is a foot print representation of 60, 20mm square based infantry.
I manged to get 32 Infantry painted but also 2 x giant spider rider cavalry to help fill the enormous base. A future goal is to complete another Legion as it's Goblins and that means quantity.
The spider cavalry is a preview of what will be completed next.
There is room for more Goblins on this base and I may place some more but I will wait till I am closer to having more of the army completed to see just how far I can stretch my collection.

You may have noticed the Spiders have hairy bodies. This was achieved by gluing flock onto them. I was not a fan of the Skull pattern sculpted onto some of the spiders so this covers that up.
Originally I had painted them black with red stripes but I wanted to get away from the Black usually associated with GW Night Goblins. The Spiders originally came with 'Forest Goblins' but I want my Army to be mostly the same hood wearing Goblins. Gloss varnish on the Spiders fangs and eyes adds a little visual interest on them.

Not the best photos but they generally portray the real thing. Probably too much contrast with the rocks ending up too bright.

Cheers from Brendon