Monday, January 22, 2018

Big winged Demon number 1

This plastic Games Workshop Demon is one of two that will be 'Count as' units for my Kings of War Varangur Army. His skin is basically three colours with a little dark tone wash. Black Primed, German Grey, Luftwaffe Uniform (a very blueish grey colour) and London Grey (a light grey)...all Vallejo paints.
He sits on a 50mm square base with Rocks from my garden. Super gluing his feet to the stones was probably the most difficult aspect of this miniature but generally speaking painting this dude was probably quicker than some 28mm detailed infantry with more colours. Behind you can see the Varangur army starting to grow with the previously completed 'Sons of Korgan' units.
I submitted this big Winged Demon to Analogue Hobbies Paint Challenge bonus theme round 'Flight'.

Cheers from Brendon

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