Monday, January 29, 2018

Goblin archer horde

These old Games Workshop Goblins are my first foray into building them again but for Kings of War instead of Warhammer. I have a few in my original collection but have sometimes added some from Facebook or ebay purchases when I get the Goblin acquisition bug. 
After returning from a holiday all my plans and prepared miniatures for the Painting Challenge had practically been forgotten so I strangely just started a new project which included a bit of prep work like cutting off old bases and the slotta tabs from these Goblins. Of course any new (2nd hand) purchase require flash and mold line removal as well. 
I really wanted to try Goblins with a different skin tone than the Disney witchy poo bright green that is usually associated with them. I reached for Vallejo Green-Grey and stuck with it. I also wanted to avoid the usual black clothing for these formerly 'Night Goblins'. Now they are just Goblins. 
I painted these in a batch wargame style and did not pay any or much attention to detailing or highlights. base paint and wash with Army Painter Soft Tone seeming to work better than Dark Tone. The un-hooded leader probably had more skin treatment that the rank and file and I did an attempt at rust on a few items.
The end result meant that the contrast between skin and clothing is often on the low side. Not a negative really just interesting to see the end result. I am pleased with the final outcome and it's made me eager to get more units done. 

Not the best photos but they convey how they look for the most part.

Cheers from the Monsoon soaked Top End of Australia. Brendon