Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ceaser novel series - well worth a read

Not posted in a while but I have not done all that much wargame hobby stuff either so not much to report really.
I recently completed reading an Historical Novel series by Conn Iggulden. The Emperor series is based on that most interesting of Emperors Julius Ceaser and follows his life till his death and the 5th book is after his death.
Any Wargamer who reads these will find a truck load of inspiration for projects, scenarios and general hobby mayhem. There is lot in these for gamers. At the end of each novel the Author points out any differences he may have deviated from history and also some further reading. Some parts of Julius's history is not covered in detail as he was one of history's massive over achievers. Immersive reading material like this should really motivate me to get back to my 28mm Early Imperial Roman project. But it still remains on my 'round to it' list even though I actually purchased some additions for it.
I really enjoyed the Mongol series by the same author as well. The next logical step seems to be reading the series based in The Wars of the Roses.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. These were great although I preferred the Mongol series as I new less about the story. The wars of the roses ones are really good

  2. I really enjoyed the first couple, but then seemed to stop - must try and finish the series.

    1. The last book has some amazing descriptions of sea battles. Very cool. cheers

  3. Ahoy Kiwi! You going to be about in the first week of July?
    I'll be visiting Darwin for a few days and thought we might be able to meet up for a beer!
    Give me a hoy :
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    1. Yep. Beer is good. I like beer. cheers. Would be great to have a natter over a beer.

  4. Where are you, you have not been posting!?
    Thanks for posting about these, I've been looking for something to read.
    I love beer.