Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kings of War game report

Varangur (Fantasy Vikings) vs Goblins with some Ogre allies 1500 points. The scenario was LOOT. 3 loot markers got placed fairly evenly along the halfway line between each army.
I had thrown this list together based on my Dark Age collection of Vikings and wanting to use my Wolf units painted recently.

Vikings got first turn and Tundra Wolves spring out and grab Loot (Green tokens).

Sneaky Reavers (Berserker unit) run into the central wood.
I gave them Potion of the Caterpillar which proved crucial.

Archer Troop (Night Raiders) on a hill and a 'LEGION' of Thralls (scummy low level slave scum).

They might be scum but they have the numbers to make them brave enough to hang around
for an age. To be rid of them they need to acquire a lot of Wounds.
A Warband Horde.

Near the warband is a 'Bloodsworn' Regiment. Better armoured Vikings than the 'Warband' class. 
My Cavern Dweller beast gets double tapped by a Troll Horde and a Slasher and is routed!

Tundra Wolves attack Goblin Sniffs (Goblins on Wolves).
Unexpectedly the Tundra Wolves went on to defeat the Sniff Regiment.
At the top of photo the Reavers burst from the trees and hack through an Ogre unit.

Following turn they route an Ogre Captain which allows an overrun into a Goblin horde.
The Reavers are out of control!  
A Goblin Horde flank charges a unit of Tundra Wolves and routes them.
The routed Wolves had previously managed a brutal flank assault on the Slasher removing it. 

After that the Goblins rotate ready to face the Warband horde.
The Trolls and Viking Bloodsworn clash turn after turn with the Trolls regrowing limbs.
Near the central trees is a Varangur Magus who keeps blasting wounds using the power of magical Lightning (all the while mumbling something about Thor or Norns and fate).

The Thrall Legion at the top turns to attack a Goblin Spear Chucka war engine.
Reavers do the same in the middle to a Goblin Rock Thrower.
The remaining Tundra Wolves gets ready to attack a Goblin wizard.
Shortly after this point the Goblins realise it's time to go do something else like collect mushrooms and we call the game as a Vargangur victory.
Varangur Army list.

Team Varangur

Some interesting events happened during that game and it was great to play my opponent who is always a good sport.
My small 'Night Raiders' bow unit get a pre turn 1 move which puts them inside the 24" range required for shooting.
The Tundra Wolves are a great fast moving offset for the Goblin Sniffs who also have a big move value. They can flank very easily.
In retrospect I felt that many of my Nerve checks against the Goblin (and Ogre) units was very high. Probably not reflective of average results.
The Thrall 'Legion' is going to be hard to shift in the future. However the units large flanks means it will get side hits more often and the low armour may mean it acquires wounds fairly easily. It's a unit I would target early in the game. I will try it again some day.

Cheers from Brendon