Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mongols & War of the Roses troops

More Perry Red & Black defenders of Beer and Bacon to join the hordes and also Fire Forge Mongol infantry made it my my weekly deadline for getting stuff done. It was actually really good to change up from the usual Red & Black with the Mongols. A real joy to paint.

Packaged as Steppe Warriors these plastic Mongols end up looking really animated once built. After some thought and research about just which way the bow case/holster should be attached I eventually got it right (I think). The horse in the pattern should have been the biggest clue.
I decided against a uniform colour and went with these sort of naturally possible colours. Animal skin, leather, cloth tanned or untanned with plants and/or urine.
I was a bit unsure about the skin colour but I think at 28mm scale these look fine to me. Could be a little redder but maybe I will do that in the next batch.


  1. That's fantastic output for a week! Looking great too. Love the facial expressions on the Mongols, lovely work.

  2. Lovely job on these archers...Mogols are most impressive!

  3. Lovely work on both groups Brendon :)

  4. Those are cracking! Really like the Mongols, but the Northmen are calling. So the sons of Genghis must wait till another year.

  5. love the muddy detail on the clothes of the mongols. Well done series.