Friday, February 27, 2015

War of the Roses army growth continued

More Perry 28mm plastics that I submitted to the Paint Challenge. These are from two different submissions and my current total points in the challenge as of writing this is 1115 taking me over my 1000 point target and placing me in 12th place.  Still more time left to get more done which is more important to me than any points or placing.
The challenge is very motivating but having said that I did slow down for around a week and a half. Even though my pace has not been as hardcore as others I am happy with my own flow I have managed to achieve. I am not convinced I would have gotten as much done in as short a time without the weekly deadline.
I have a few more to do for this project, Mounted Knights and some more archers. I am really looking forward to the new Perry Plastic set of Mounted yeomen that will add more options to this force. Should be a few months away as of writing this. The set actually has some new head options as well. Excellent!
I will get this collection together for some army photos after the next submission. It's become quite a horde.
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

Converted Bill arms to hold lowered Pikes.
Arms of center Billmen from foot knights set. Swopped the weapon head as well.


  1. Nice addition. A very interesting project and excellent work.

  2. Great work! This is really an interesting project to follow. You've been able to put together quite a force in a small time.