Thursday, March 12, 2015

More Mongols

Fire Forge Games 28mm plastic Mongols. Very enjoyable miniatures to paint.
The bodies are two pieces that join at the belt. Allows for rotation to the upper body. The horse riders have the same upper bodies as the foot versions.

Arrows are released when all four hooves are not in contact with the ground.

 Makes a change from all that Red & Black but a little more to do on that project. As of writing this only 8 days to go in the Painting Challenge.
Cheers from BrendonW (The Kiwi)


  1. Great figures Brendon, best wishes for the last few days of the challenge. It's going to be manic I think.

  2. Cool! And you get a yak tail standard!

  3. Great looking Mongols, Kiwi. Those are great figures and your brushwork brought them to life.

  4. Very nice! Adds a bit of colour to proceedings. I really like the banner thingy, it's quite unique.

  5. Thanks everyone. The banner is likely inspired by the unification of the Mongol tribes under ghenghis. The novel mentioned that they had different colours for each tribe but Ghenghis eventually dyed them white on one banner.
    Working on some more mounted Mongols and really pleased to hear that Gripping beast will release plastic Arab horsemen. An excellent opposition for the Mongols.