Friday, September 12, 2014

Crescent & Cross and other stuff

At the same time as I received the Lion Rampant rules I got the Saga, Crescent and Cross rulebook. I spent more time reading Lion Rampant than C&C at the time but C&C is a really good rule book. C&C is not so much an expansion but, Saga reborn. It's the full rules but with improved explanations and more. Unlike the first publication of Saga this version is hardback and instead of 4 Battle Boards/factions you get 6. However that does mean a price increase.
Shiny pages :(       .......Camel with tiny head :(       ........but great rules. :)

On the downside I don't like the cheap glossy paper used for the pages. The full colour design though is fantastic. I was shocked when I saw the photos of Gripping Beast camels though. Shocking proportions with small heads and smooth bodies. The riders look too big on them.
In the rules Camel riders have an edge over horses when they fight each other. Something gamers are usually only too happy to see based on our historical readings. I think these are better looking camels with riders.
It's great to see the improved rules clarification though and I would highly recommend this to Saga players even if you don't plan on a Crusades type warband.

As I am a fan of plastics I was thinking about adding a box of Gripping Beast Plastic Arab Spearmen and Archers in my 'to do' list so I was waiting to get the C&C rule book to see what battle board would suit them. Turns out that mounted options are very abundant in all the factions but a fanatical warband with an all foot option exists. They have a crazy element that includes sacrificing figures to get those battle board boosts.

Back on Lion Rampant...I have an excellent Norman collection which is perfect for use in Lion Rampant but I have had an eye on those excellent Perry Plastic sets for a while. 'The War of The Roses' sets look awesome so, I went and ordered a whole bunch of them.
My local supplier just happened to have cans of Army Painter when I visited recently. So a can of Plate Metal Primer may just speed the process considerably. Hopefully I can convince players at my local club that they need to try this game. Reception has been extremely positive so far. But in our group at the moment the flavour of the month (or two) is Version 2 Dystopian Wars with the arms race in full tilt mode. While on the subject of Lion Rampant check this army deal being worked out out.

On the paint table at the moment I have been making slow progress on 2 Mercenary factions for Dystopian Wars. It's pretty much the only game I have played for the past few weeks. We are still discovering the rules. They are not exactly simple rules I find but as always it's fun to see some stuff blown up on a games table. I am yet to construct a basic list with my Empire of the Blazing Sun that I seem to actually know what to do with in a game. But it looks like for now I will probably include the Giant Robot Attack Squid and also 2 small Frigate squadrons options as compulsory inclusions.......perhaps also the mysterious Ghost Ship (Yurei Terror Ship).
Work in progress. Two Black Wolf large subs and other toys slowly getting to completed stage.

I got a great email Newsletter from War and Peace on line store here in Australia. 50% off Judge Dredd rules and figures! What a shame I already have the rules but I had to make an order for figures almost instantly. I am a big fan of the Comic series even though I don't collect it any more but there was a time when I did. It got me re-reading the rules and they really are good for a skirmish detail game. Move, shoot and fight really is easy to get to grips with but each figure can have it's own bonuses through base stats, level, weapons and special talent skills. So it something that may be familiar to role players than wargamers even though this is a tactical game and not a RPG. Campaign mode really is about making hardcore heroes. A good fit for a comic book world. My plan now is to create a collection for hosting games. Two forces made for the excellent variety of missions in the rules. Yet just another project in my 'round to it' list.....
Get us painted CREEP! Or face time in an Iso-Cube!

Last minute addition...I created a banner for my Viking collection from art I found on the Internet through an image search. It is a Tattoo design and the artist who created it actually left a comment on my post. I am happy to say my use of the image was approved. Go check out more of his incredible art here. Thanks Zele.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. What a diverse post! C&C looks great, but agree about the camels. They look more like the Loch Ness Monster! I loved 2000AD when I was a kid, still do actually. It may yet turn into reality... Nice Viking banner too. I have a couple of Viking and Celtic tattoo's, thanks for the link! Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Cheers Paul. Tattoos are lots of fun. I got three. :) No Viking ones though.

  2. Fire forge Mongols with gripping beast Arab heads were on a post the other day and this would give any C and C player 12 really nice Arab style cavalry, so tempted on C and C myself but waiting for Lion Rampart in the local book shop. Thanks for whetting the appetite.

    1. What a great idea. Cheers Chris

    2. As mentioned already by Paul, a post with a bewildering amount of interests! I'll be picking up a copy of C&C today. I've heard good things about Lion Rampant too. I've never tried Dystopian Wars - and wonder if it could translate to other naval gaming scenarios? I know I shouldn't be, but I'm a bit surprised at the Judge Dredd figs - I almost thought you had some 40K stuff?! Best, Dean

    3. I actually do have some old 40k stuff that will be re-purposed for Dredd at some stage. Old Imperial guard that will become Citi-Def gun happy crew from Scott Ian Block or Kerry King Block. :) cheers

  3. I really like how those judges are coming on!