Friday, September 5, 2014's a secret (Santa)

I have put my hat in the ring to participate in this years Secret Santa. It's the third one but it will be my first time. I challenge you to join up and enjoy the fun as well. Santa needs your help to wage the war of bringing joy to all!

Rule number two from 'The Blog with No Name'
2. The present should be around £15 plus postage (best to buy the present actually in the country the receiver lives in so cutting down postage costs) 

Go check it out for yourself!

In other news...I recently had a Birthday! Yippee. I am now again 40 something! Having a BBQ in the park tonight and got some nice gifts. A nice voucher to spend at my local dealer (the wargames half of our local Comic shop) and a full colour, hardcover Judge Dredd 'Apocalypse War'. Drokking awesome classic! Going to have a Beer and a BBQ in the nearest park to celebrate.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Happy Birthday and thanks for the plug. Looking t be bigger than last year so should be a lot of fun


  2. Happy Birthday Brendan! You must know a very talented graphic designer, as that is a Motorhead advert I've never seen before. Very clever work, I do hope it was a good one.