Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pax Romana

Warlord Games 28mm plastic Roman Veterans. I expand my Imperial Romans at glacial speed while entire Empires rise, crumble, then rise again. I started this bunch before I had my operation in early Feb but slowly finished them when recovering. I had done most of the work so there actually wasn't a lot to do before I submitted them to the Painting Challenge.
I was inspired to go back to my unpainted Roman horde after reading some Novels. Macro and Cato's latest adventure in 'The Blood Crows'. A great read that sees them back on the happy old frontier in Britannia. I also read by the same author 'Arena'. Originally an e-book down loadable in several parts but it must have been decided to print it as a novel. Both books I got for Christmas from the family. Great presents. Arena does not feature Cato and the action takes place before he meets Macro. The story is about gladiators and one in particular who Macro is the trainer. Of course it's wrapped up in political intrigue but I enjoyed the ride.
Back to the figures. If you are considering an Early Imperial Roman army and are looking at the Warlord plastic sets then I would recommend you get the Legionaries, Praetorian, and Veteran sets at the same time.
They all have slightly different parts but are compatible with each other. Get all three and you will have a much bigger variety of choices in arms and how they are positioned. As you can see above the Veteran set comes with some heads with bandages (which is a cool detail) and helmet variations. It comes with damaged shields and lower leg armour as well and sword arms with armour.
As usual for the other sets if you assemble the standard bearer as usual the standard ends up on an angle. I wedge the base so it ends up more up right. I just prefer it that way.
As last time I did these I used Army Painter Dip strong tone but painted it on to get more control over it.

No flock on the bases yet as I was going to do that when I have more completed.

Not sure when I will paint some more as I have a 'Last Stand' project to complete at the moment as the final submission for the Painting Challenge. Something to do with Dark Ages.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. They look absolutely fantastic, lovely work.

  2. They look absolutely stunning. Your painting always has a powerful crisp look.

  3. Thank you very much Baconfat.