Saturday, March 8, 2014

Herneas the Hunter (Dwarf Ninja)

A Bonus Theme round in the Painting Challenge was favorite character. I had to have a think about what I was going to do and if I was going to do something at all. Lots of characters from history I like and plenty of made up characters in books I like as well but what figures do I have. I had this guy sitting on my paint table and he has been there for a while in an unpainted state. I even gamed with him unpainted (the horror!). Who is he? I use him as a named hero in my Kings of War Dwarf army. Herneas the Hunter. In the rule book an army can take one of this fella.
He is a Dwarf Ranger who has some cool in-game abilities. Stealth - means he is harder to hit when shot at. Vanguard - Can make a double move before either players Turn 1. Inspiring to Ranger Units - gives Dwarf Ranger units a re-roll if they are in danger of running off the table. Skewerer - A magic bow that hits very hard. He makes for an excellent sniper.

He sits on a rock from my garden to give him a little more height and the Hog on his back is actually a separate piece that comes with him. It's a simple paint job really. Nothing fancy for this Dwarf Ranger. Just practical dark colours to help him with his stealthy watch of the secret Beer trading trails in the Drinkemall Clan territories.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. That is definitely one of the weirdest models I've ever seen. I imagine him denying the hog on his back.

  2. Bacon what Bacon? ...or.. Try and take my Bacon if you can!
    Yeah he is an odd looking fella.