Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Dark Ages leaders

Another catch up post of figures painted for Curts Painting Challenge. This time it's three hero's for my Viking's. Two are Foundry while the HUGE wolf is from Northstar Myths and Legends range.
The giant wolf (Fenris) I can use as a 'counts as' in games. I am really very happy how he turned out with the pale underside and dark back. The wolf is modeled on to a really large oval metal base so I didn't trim it off and instead built up sand and rocks around and over it when I put him on a square base.
The mounted figures actually have dismounted versions as well. I painted them before the challenge. The Viking Jarl had a different shield but that shield was a victim of my silly 'uses wrong spray can' mistake. Shame really as it was a LBM decal. I used the metal shield it may have came with instead and repeated colours used on the figure. He should really stand out with his Super Viking cape on the tabletop.
One thing with these Foundry figures that you may notice is just how thick and solid the swords are. They should really stand up to table top handling and it's unlikely they will bend accidentally.

Cheers from Brendon and be sure to check out the favourite character bonus round entries here.


  1. These are great figs, Brendon, extremely well-painted and such characterful sculpts as well.

    I have to say that while a good paint job can give even the dullest figure a lift, a good paint job and a good figure can achieve so much more - and you've got both working in your favour here, well done!

  2. Beautiful figures, love them!

  3. My fav is the wolf, top painting Brendon!

  4. Awesome work Brendon! Very impressive!

  5. Beautifully done, I especially like what you did with that wolf.

  6. Thanks everyone.
    Yeah, the big bad wolf is cool.