Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mid-War early Tiger.

I have wanted a Panzer Grey Tiger in my collection for a while and had this one sitting in my resin mountain for a while. The motivation of the Painting Challenge had me finally getting this one to completion.

The first Tiger tanks of WWII as far as I could find out entered combat around the Leningrad area in late 1942. The change to three colour camo occurred early in 1943.
I added an aerial to this tank. I haven't done that to a 15mm tank for a while. It's an old Battlefront Resin and metal model by the way. I think these will be replaced by plastic versions in gamers future collections.
The tank sits on Gale Force Nine cratered cobblestone roads. Pre-painted terrain. Very handy.

I also added a rolled sheet to the turret to help break up the colour. I like single colour tanks because weathering seems to look so much better on them than camo tanks.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Great work, really love the way you've mudded it up! I started reading this thinking it was a larger scale cat.

  2. Great cat there mate. Smashing Ivan's is what Tiggers do best!

  3. Very nice - I do like a grey panzer.
    cheers for sharing

  4. Thanks for the feedback everybody.

  5. Ooooh. Nice blog. I have a lot of FoW and Saga reading to do don't I, through your back-catalogue!

    BTW, are you - perchance - the same Kiwi who sent me some 11AD FoW tokens a while back? Odd question, maybe...