Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dark Ages at war

A mix of makers among these 28mm metal figures. Crusader, Gripping Beast and Foundry (the pooch).
I submitted these a while back for the Painting Challenge and they earned me more points. I am behind in re-posting my submissions on this blog so expect this flood of pictures to continue until I catch up.
I was very happy to complete the Baggage cart and peasant as this now gives me three pieces in total for the Escort scenario for 'Saga'. Yaaay!
The mounted fella from Crusader comes with a dismounted version but I painted him different colors to his riding version. I gave him a plastic shield though with a LBM decal. The Banner is from Gripping Beast and is King Harold's very own fighting man banner. I am sure it will be a talking point in future games.
As these guys are leaders I added Army Painter meadow flowers to the bases which give them a bit of something extra from the rank and file troops.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Kiwi,

    They're all great, but you're right about the peasant with the wagon. He looks top dollar.

    I had no idea that King Harold was into those kinds of banners.


  2. LOL! I love this batch, your cart especially. But the banner...who knew warriors fought with 2 clubs at once?

  3. Thanks fellas.
    The banner was said to contain actual jewels.
    Yeah right, family Jewels. Ha ha ha :)

  4. Beautiful figures, love the cart, wonderful!!