Thursday, February 20, 2014

Justice! Mega City One Style.

As part of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge a Bonus theme round was 'Hero'. An earlier submission that someone posted was a reminder that I actually had a Judge Dredd figure somewhere in my unpainted mountain. I have had it for so long that I am not certain as to who made it having long since discarded the original blister packaging. A little Google Foo later and I think it was made by Mongoose but may no longer be in production as now there is a recent Judge Dredd miniatures game with new figures.
I really enjoyed Judge Dredd from the comic 2000ad as a youngster. A multitude of artists have created various versions of him and his uniform is sometimes blue but was once black. His Lawgiver (pistol) also went through variations as well. The one below is not the classic Lawgiver as I recall but they are interesting figures all the same.
Painting these made for a fun change from Dark Ages dudes. I used some acrylic gloss varnish for the helmet and uniform (not the pads and other bits though). These figures required no gluing together, just gluing to the base. I found the sculptures choice of making the shoulder pads look like a box a bit odd though.

Hard to see in my dodgy images but the main part of the Uniform is blue with a black wash over it making it the dark with a hint of color I wanted.
Drokk it!

Is that a Mutie over there?!
Even in The Cursed Earth....he is the LAW!

In the last image above the Judges are seeing off a horde of Muties that I originally made for that game with all the zeros in it. I like Mutants and had the often radioactive waste land of the Cursed Earth in mind when I made them. If you know Dredd then you will know what that's all about.

Cheers from Brendon somewhere in Memory Lane.

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