Friday, February 21, 2014

Komander Harkevich The Iron Wolf

This bearded, spell casting, biker booted, magic mace wielding figure is a Warcaster for my new Khador Faction War Machine force. Every force must have a war caster and this will be the one I start with.
He is a metal figure that came in two parts. Only his weapon arm had to be glued under his shoulder armour.
A lot of detail on this guy and a lot of choices to be made on what is going to be black (panzer grey really) or red. I wanted some brown leather colored gear on him as well. I haven't painted red armour since the very early 90s when I did a Krell Undead GW figure (anyone remember him?).
This figure took me way longer than many others I have done recently. A lot of detail to pick out on him. But it is a very good sculpt and a great cast with minimal clean up so worth taking your time with I reckon. I purchased him when I was lying in bed still very sore from a Hernia operation. I couldn't paint or do much really so I did a little retail therapy on-line. As I improved I slowly got him over the line to completion.

I did the same treatment with my humble attempt at a glow inside the Mace as I did on Black Ivan's eyes.
This guy has an affinity with Black Ivan so being near each other Black Ivan gets boosted range attacks.
That can't be a bad thing can it?
I don't want a big War Machine collection. But with this quality they are very collectible.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. No idea about Warmachine, but thats a cool figure and nice paintjob!

  2. A friend plays the tugboat captain warcaster and loves him and black Ivan.