Monday, February 17, 2014

Black Ivan warjack

Started this before my surgery but now I am on the mend I got him completed and sent to the painting challenge. I am a tad behind as far as re-posting my Paint Challenge submissions but I will try and catch up.
So here is a Warmachine Heavy Warjack Character. He has an affinity with a Warcaster by the name of Harkevich. I recently completed him but can't post him here yet. That means I am very close to having enough painted Warmachine to play my first game.

I kept his pose very casual. For ease of transport and storage.
A very enjoyable model to paint.



  1. Good to see that you're back in the saddle. Cool 'jack.

  2. Superb! I love the little chips and scratches.

  3. Great painting! Lots of shading and detail makes this one shine.

  4. Great model and fantastic painting