Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Painted Gladiators 28mm

Another submission to score some points in the Painting Challenge and generally get stuff completed. This time it's figures from my collection of Gladiators. They are made by Foundry or Crusader. I decided to go for simplicity as I seemed to have fussed over detail on these in the past and it may be one reason why I stopped painting them. White loincloths and metal colored shields seem to capture a particular type of classic look. Once I came to that conclusion the process somehow felt as though it sped up. The flesh tone has turned out a little pale in these images compared to in seeing them in the flesh.

Among them is a Hermes Psychopompus (arena official) who stabs downed Gladiators to see if they are actually dead with a hot poker. Another official has a hammer to finish them off but he is not painted yet.
I probably don't need as many Gladiators as I have collected for gaming purposes but, I like collecting them.
In 2014 the creators of SAGA will be releasing a Gladiator game....'JUGULA'. I am looking forward to that.
 The blisters had a shortage of the classic rectangle curved roman shield so one above has acquired a plastic one from a Warlord Legionnaire set. It's crazy to think that this type of extreme sports was entertainment back in time. But today lots of folks like to watch UFC and MMA octagon fights.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Beautiful looking gladiators!

  2. I must have missed these - splendid work Sir!

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback Andrew, Phil and Michael.
    Easy to miss a post on Analogues blog as there are so many fine submissions.