Monday, January 6, 2014

Cowboys, Normans and, Gladiators

No, it is not some sort of messed up title of a new Hollywood epic movie. It is a bunch of figures I managed to complete at almost the same time. I have been painting a variety of figures since the challenge began in no particular order and often all at the same time. I sent Curt 3 submissions to help me clock up some points but also because I may not get much done for a week as we will have a relative come visit. It will be a lot of fun as I am taking some time off as well.
These miniatures sort of all got in a very close to done at roughly the same time so I set a goal of pushing them over the line to completed.
Cowboys from Foundry. Got to like the Bean eating cowboy straight from 'Blazing Saddles'.
Conquest Games Norman Plastics and a Metal big boss.
As usual I think I could have done some things differently but overall I am pleased with how they all turned out. I recently acquired some GW Blood paint (a relatively new product) and it looks the part with a glossy finish. Not normally a big fan of the sometimes over use of blood on miniatures but I may use it more often on my Gladiators as it adds a splash of color to the plain simple scheme I am now using.  
I don't have any Battleflag Shield decals for Knights left so I hand painted 2 with yellow above but used one of the smaller Infantry Shield decals on the King looking metal figure. It wasn't big enough so I had to enhance it with matching colors and a steady hand. It's a great figure and should stand out on any gamer's table.Painting cowboys is new ground for me. I went for a gang with the common color of black. I use Panzer Gray as black over a black primer for most of them. Once I gave them a semi-dry brush of Khaki it improved them a lot in my opinion. I can't shake the Motorhead lyrics "The rider wearing black, You know he's gonna shoot you in the back! In the western movies". I also was inspired by them in Cowboy outfits from the cover of 'Ace of Spades'. Hard to pull off at this scale though as it makes them very dull and lack visual pop. But I kind of wanted them dull, gritty and dusty looking.When I make some time I will try and get some better images. I still lack in the miniature photography area.Cheers from Brendon


  1. These were wonderful entries, all great but I loved the on the gladiator's sword!

  2. Well done, Brendon. I see GW brought out a "There Will Be Blood" theme in this set!

  3. Nice one Monty. :)
    Thanks for the comments folks.