Friday, December 27, 2013

Angry Peasants!

I don't know why peasants get so upset about monsters rampaging through their villages. I mean what's the big deal? A giant green dude with bolts in his neck never meant no harm to anybody. He doesn't even want to be alive for a second time.
Any how these are from the Gripping Beast baggage blister for the Saga 'Escort' mission. I am happy with how these ended up but think that the base might need one more item. A barrel of mead perhaps. The dude with the shield is of course a GB plastic Saxon with a head from the warriors plastic box. I think that GB Warriors plastic set is at the top of my list for excellent releases in 2013. I have only 1 more baggage base to go to have the 3 required for the mission. So the motivating painting challenge should see that completed soonish.
Knock! Knock!

Wheres the beer?

No beer?

Let's go.
Cheers from Brendon.


  1. Excellent looking peasants, their beauty has driven away the bear...great work!

  2. Well done. Those are great. The one in the front with his hand on his hip is my favorite.

  3. A great bunch and great color for the tabletop! I don't know if they'd face down a Beserker but they should be able to keep the pigs in their pens. ;-)

  4. Thanks for the comments. Keep the comedy coming.