Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meet the Spartans (sort of)

I played a game of Kings of War using my Dwarf army last Sunday and had a really good surprise. A new gamer to Darwin came over and watched us play and we all had a chat. It is always great when a new player is added to the mix at our club and especially when after our game he pulls out his awesome figures.
Check it out.

Medic! Man down!

General, Army Standard and Oracle (Wizard)

He told me it is a mix of Crocodile Miniatures, Immortal Miniatures and Games Workshop figures (with head swaps). In Kings of War he used the Elf army options as the basis for list construction and rules.
It was interesting how he said that Warhammer Fantasy had gained a lot of popularity at his last club since the last edition however at our club Warhammer Fantasy has fallen off the radar. The last gamers I saw at our Club playing Warhammer Fantasy have moved town a while back. I played WF a long while back but have no desire to pick up the latest rule book that looks as though it weighs more than a baby Elephant. We play Kings of War and are getting a lot of enjoyment from the game. I don't see it so much as a replacement for a game but as a whole new game that is compatible with figures from another game or games.
The idea of using the Elf options for the Human figures above gave me the idea of reconsidering which list to use for my Early Imperial Roman army project. Initially the obvious is there...use the Kingdoms of Men list options in Kings of War. I have been struggling to make some units fit into a reasonable 'counts as' option. However after a quick look using the Twilight Kin (Evil Elves) might be a good counts as option.

Numidian Cavalry = Heralds of Woe
Auxillary Cavalry = Dark Knights
Auxiliary Infantry = Twilight Spearmen
Praetorian Infantry = Darksome Guard (or Buccaneers)
Legionaries = Buccaneers
Scorpion = Twilight Bolt Thrower
Balearic Slingers = Shadows
Auxiliary Archers = Twilight Crossbowmen

You get the idea. It won't always be a perfect fit and by just using historical miniatures I miss out on some of the more fantastic options like a unit of flying Gargoyle infantry. But it might be an idea to just get some Gargoyles and paint them like Marble Roman Statues in the future.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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