Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A horde of Spear armed Dwarves

Recently completed...two bases of Dwarves to expand a Dwarf Bulwarker regiment to a horde. This is 'Kings of War' speak for increasing the size of a unit from 20 to 40 figures. This gives them a little more staying power (increase in Nerve rating) and an increase in offensive power (more attack dice).

These two bases are side add-ons (50 x 80) which gives me the flexibility to just tack them on the sides of a regiment when I want a horde option. I could of course just push these two 50 x 80 bases together to get a regiment with no Standard or Musician upgrade. It has been a while since I last painted a Dwarf for this Army but I remembered my method and turned these around in a very quick time. A long weekend also helped (happy birthday queenie!). These Mantic Dwarves do not come with a spear option so the spears are from Gripping Beast Plastic Warriors. I completed 12 Slingers from that box just before I started on these but I haven't photographed them yet but will soon and I am really pleased at how they turned out.
The entire horde.

I am actually very happy to have this Dwarf unit option now available to me. Spear armed units get a Phalanx special rule that makes them even more effective in Kings of War but all that counts for nothing if your opponent gets lucky in the first game that you use this horde and they run for the hills after just 3 wounds when a double 6 is rolled for the Nerve test. DOH! (Double six always routes). I actually got lucky in a previous game and managed to route an enemy unit that way so it swings around eventually. It was probably the curse of using a freshly painted unit for the first time that saw these Dwarves routed. A near by inspiring Hero could have influenced a re-roll to the Nerve test so lesson learned. For a measly 30 points an Army Standard hero could have seen them less yellow. However as one of the essential themes for this Army is beer perhaps they started the battle drunk and just got confused, sleepy, or remembered where they parked the car after a bender down town the night before.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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