Tuesday, June 4, 2013

8 Normans with Crossbows

Converted Conquest plastic Norman Infantry as well as some Fire Forge plastics. Remember them from back here all glossy and black....well now they are finished.
Anglo-Danes hiding in a village. Shoot them!

Now keep an eye out as we see if anything of value is in these hovels

Fire Forge sprues supplied the crossbows and in some cases the arms for the Conquest conversions. I thought some of the Fire Forge figures don't look so far removed as to not look unlike a Norman style figure with crossbow so I just used them with the appropriately pointy looking helmet as well. I also tried a Gripping Beast Saxon head on one figure and it seems to fit in OK. Can you spot him? This unit is 1 point of warriors  for Saga and is the only unit that can have Crossbows which gives an additional -1 to the victims armour when shooting them. However as a result of these weapons these warriors are -1 armour when attacked. In the background are some 4ground laser cut MDF buildings which are in my opinion an excellent product. I made the white glue and water mix to apply to the furry thatch. Once dry I also watered down some panzer gray to get a bit of mouldy dirty patchiness about them. I have added a few stains to the walls as well to help give them a bit more of a filthy dark ages look. A little while back I finally got around to gluing a beach sand floor covering in them and painting it. It will probably be rarely seen in games but at it looks better than plain MDF.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. A great selection of poses in that set, and really well painted. Nice one!

  2. Looking good there! Nice work. Yes, those buildings are good looking and easy to assemble.