Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Early War game report Part 2

Part 1 here. Read on here for Part 2.
Infantry Reserves arrive and leg it into the forest. Somuas move out. Right side Panzer II platoon down by 2 more tanks but stay in the game. 2iC Panzer III is no more.

Panzer III swing to the left Objective. Spray infantry with MG and destroy some teams. 1 armoured car goes up in flames.
The Panzer II platoon had advanced into the village but one got nailed by a Somua. The same Somua Platoon bailed a Panzer III. The infantry unpinned and moved towards the objective but stayed in the tree line. A French motorbike patrol appeared to see the source of all the smoke they saw from down the road (from off the table that is).

Panzer II move and waste bullets at Motorcycles that quickly move away without damage. Another armoured car bites the dust but the Platoon holds on. More Infantry teams are removed.

Sons of Anarchy (France Chapter WWII style) sneak away behind a hill in a cloud of dust.
Holy French Vanilla Ice Cream! An HMG and Infantry platoon arrive from Reserves. Somuas move up. Small Infantry Platoon in woods unpins and regroups. Can the Panzers hold on under pressure?

Total chaos. Bullets flying in every direction. A Panzer III is wrecked for good and some Infantry teams get removed. When will it end?

When will this lunacy end? HMG platoon is gone, Infantry Platoon in woods is gone. 1 Somua tank moves up. Panhard in forest hangs on. French is one platoon away from a Company Morale check. Top left hand corner sees the Panhards moving to the battle. Too much confusion and smoke means the Stukas dive bombers stay away.

By some miracle Panzer II manage to bail 2 x Somua tanks. Finally the last Armoured car in the forest is wrecked and the Infantry there can take no more. A Panzer II goes up in smoke and and Panzer III is ruined. The motorbikes swing back around the hill.
You can see whats going on so no need for arrows. The RT infantry un-pin and charge towards the objective. A Panzer II gets bailed. A Panzer III gets bailed. Will they hold out!? Another French platoon lost and they will be forced to take a Company Morale check. 

They do. Phew! As the sun sets at the end of a long summer day the French call it a day and withdraw. German aggression has just pushed the front line deeper into France.

Go to Part 3 for a short wrap up and some more interesting images.
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi) 


  1. Love your style of Batrep. The simple graphics work really well.

  2. Thanks Lee. Glad you liked it. Will try and replicate this style again in the future. I have never been that good at writing them but this seems to have worked.