Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Early War 1480 game report Part 1

German versus French. Mission: Pincer

Germans (Brendon)
HQ: 2 x Panzer III E,
Combat 1: 4 x Panzer III E,  Combat 2: 4 x Panzer II C Late,
Combat 3: 5 x Panzer II C Late, Recce: 2 x 6 Rads, Air Support: Limited Stuka

French (Lochy)
HQ: Panhard,
Combat 1: 5 x Panhards, Combat 2: 5 x Panhards, Combat 3: 5 x Panhards,
4 x Somua Tanks, HMG Platoon, Motorbike Platoon, Infantry Platoon
Infantry Platoon (Reluctant Trained)

The Table from the French end.

Deployment. French Recce a Panhard from the Village to Road behind trees (top left)

Stuka can see some targets. Company Boss in the centre.

I decided to gun it across the table at turn 1 and double timed into the centre of the village. The Recce didn't need to double time as they remained on the Road and had a pre turn1 recce move. 2 French platoons started the game in the forests so would have to move to get any shots on the German tanks. I forgot Storm Troopers move in turn 1 and 2. Typical. German Recce had a cheeky shot at the Panhards on the Road. Stukas dive bombed.

Panhards retaliated at the German aggression and leap back onto the end of the village to shoot the German Recce at point blank range. Panhards in the Forest nosed out to shoot at the double moved Panzers. Near the right Objectives the Panhards nose out but get some bogged teams.
German Tanks are in the Village! Attack!

Panzers shoot back!

Panzer III tanks move forward but a German turn of bailing and only 1 destroyed Panhard (Black tokens = Bailed).
Will the French hold out? Will the reserves arrive in time to turn the tide? Go to Part 2 (lots of pics) to see what happens next.....

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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