Monday, May 20, 2013

Sons of Thunder. Raven Book 2.

The second book in the Raven series is another good rip roaring Dark Ages adventure. It continues straight on from the 1st Book and has the heroes in pursuit mode from the get go. The difference in this book and the first is the setting. While the first book had the reader learning about the Viking culture and adventurers and also England (and a small part of Wales), this book takes you on a journey through Dark Ages Frankia. It's great fun and good background reading if you dig the Saga game. I am a big fan of the Saga game and the background so I enjoyed this book. However two events appear to be straight from an actual old Saga. But they fit into the story well enough to not be overly bothersome for me. I was also wrong about the Author Giles making money from his Boy Band experience prior to becoming a writer. Turns out he was probably exploited and made no real money from that little adventure. However if he can make a penny or two from writing these types of books then he can keep at it. 
Cheers and happy reading from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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