Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Early War Game part 3 wrap up

(Go HERE for part 1 and HERE for part 2).
What a blast! The game was epic. One of the longest games of Flames of War I have had in a while. Perhaps it is because of all those 4/5+ fire power rolls that keep it going for so long. Regardless of that it was fun. It had all the great elements of a good game. Tension built up as we both tried to knock each other out of the game. I was lucky that my Panzer II platoons stayed in the game for so long. I actually felt I had a lot of good dice rolling in this game but that was actually in the early phases and it balanced out later with some ordinary rolls especially during an hilarious assault on the HMG platoon which saw them as the victor with Panzers backing off. The report of course has been compiled from memory so I may have gotten some details wrong but the images should tell the tale. It was actually a bit of work to create the report but it was a fun process made easier by the amount of photos I actually remembered to take consistently.
In general I find my Early War panzer company is fantastic in the early phases of the game. Stormtrooper (when I remember) makes them quick to get across a table. However when it starts to shrink it can often end up stretching itself to fill all the holes. I guess that is a little historical and goes along with the strike suddenly and in strength and keep moving forward Blitzkreig type doctrine of Early War Germans. 

Below. German teams destroyed at end of game.
Below. French Teams Destroyed, Bailed, or had to withdraw from the game.
How cool do Motor Cycle Platoons look. Got to have one of those in my future projects list.
Any way thanks again to Lochy for such a great game. We did joke about the French Zulu hordes that just kept on coming at one stage. It was another great Sunday and left me with enough time in the afternoon to go for a Bike ride with my daughter. We had enough time for a Saga game but I decided to decline and get some exercise instead. War gamers need that every now and then perhaps. As it had rained during the game it meant we had some muddy puddles to get messy with. Good fun.

Cheers and thanks for reading from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Really enjoyed this short series of batreps. The pictures and graphics have worked really well.

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    1. Good to get a game and find time for the family too! (Sorry for earlier mistype)

  3. Great write up.

    I'm about to get into EW it seems far more mobile than LW (which is mostly what I play at the moment).


  4. Hi Ben. Depends what you take really. Plenty of infantry options but some cool mech/tank options like carriers from hell in North Africa.