Monday, December 3, 2012

More Dwarf hordes

Here is another unit of Dwarfs using product.
I had them custom make me 2 designs for adding to the sides of a regular 20 strength unit (which is made up of 2 x bases). This gives me the option to create units with 40 Dwarfs. These Dwarfs are a Vanguard or Scout unit that is armed with Double Handed Weapons and Crossbows that count as regular Bows as far as the rules are concerned. This was one of the first units I started painting but not the first unit to get based.
The side bases are 50 x 80 so they can also be used as a unit of 20 (without banner and war trumpet).

These photos are taken with an iPhone so I am still experimenting with that trying to get a good result. I haven't really attacked my painting projects with any gusto recently. The weather here at the moment can make me (and others) feel very lethargic. Low to mid thirtys with very high humidity = lots of sweating. Instead of painting on Sunday I decided to do some mild adventuring and went for a drive with the family. I saw a Crocodile in the Adelaide River (yes we have a River here named after Adelaide about 3,000km away) which is always nice but I went and had a sticky beak at the location of a WW2 heritage site. 17.5 mile camp. Turns out it has a great little walking trail through the bush that they tell you takes about an hour. I will return to walk that in the future at some stage but the sign made it look like a grim posting in WW2 with instructions of defending to the last.  

Cheers from the Sweaty Top End of Australia  

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