Monday, January 7, 2013

2012...what a year

2013 has started and looking back at my gaming hobby in 2012 I am fairly satisfied.

I introduced Saga to my local club and pestered people to get into it. I sent them links to amazing looking miniatures and it worked. Plenty of gamers took the bait hook, line and sinker. As of right now with the variety of forces to choose gamers are expanding forces, getting more warbands and even Byzantines are to be seen on a table soon at the local club. Especially after I suggested gamers go check out how cool the transfers are for Byzantine shields.
I am thoroughly enjoying gaming Saga and 2012 has seen a few group games as well which have given plenty of laughs. I have started my Norman force. That's a goal for me in 2013 to get that completed and it is underway now with Conquest Norman plastic Knights. They have kicked my butt many times so I am looking forward to having some horsepower and larger movement.
2012 saw me complete plenty of Vikings and a stack of Saxon plastics as well. Very satisfying.
I hope to also get some Dark Ages buildings completed for that scenario that uses buildings...oh and of course some baggage for that escort scenario.

Through Flames of War I met a new player at our club so that is always great to make new friends even though I would have liked to have played perhaps more games but I can only squeeze so much in a year. I slowly added a few units to my collection...mostly US options really. But I have acquired some that are still in boxes so hopefully in 2013 I will get some of those done. I planned and purchased a German Hetzer list as well that didn't progress past purchasing. Version 3 of the rules has also been a real positive as far as my Flames of War games are concerned. I look forward to see what transpires in 2013 as far as list options are concerned. The revision of the Market Garden lists has already got me thinking about forces for future games. Perhaps more plastics will also be in the future for 15mm WWII games.

Kickstarter specifically Mantic 'Kings of War' and 'Dread Ball' have been really interesting hobby developments. After giving Mantic some of my hard earned I can say I easily have some more projects to consider in 2013. Just prior to Christmas the Dread Ball game arrived with stacks of miniatures for teams that will need some colours splashed on them. Oh dear it is starting to look like my 2013 is just about booked out with projects on my to do list. Paah! It just how it rolls sometimes when you are a gamer. Kings of War after two test games looks to be lots of fun and full of character. I have completed a stack of Dwarves and have a few more planned as well. 2013 should see the arrival of some Dwarf cavalry to give them some much need reach.

I gave Dystopian Wars a crack and completed an Empire of the Blazing Sun force but can't say I was that taken with the rules really. I have only one battleship left un-painted. Perhaps I should paint it up and give it another go at some stage. Perhaps with the next version of the rules when they get around to it.

At the end of 2012 with some time at home I did manage to get a few more Early Imperial Roman 28mm infantry completed. A longer term project that I am in no hurry to complete. But who knows what 2013 will hold. I also managed to get a couple of 28mm gladiators completed as well at the end of 2012 but with no game rules in mind I struggle to stay on course with them. It was fun though to flip from different figures after a period of practically solely dwarfs.

Already a friend has placed 'Bolt Action' under my nose so 2013 could be another big gaming year as we go on to try that out. With enough projects to do perhaps I should curtail my hobby spending...perhaps.

Blogging through out 2012 has been a really great add on to my hobby but also checking out other blogs of course has been a real area of participating in a larger gaming community outside of gamers here in my City. A really positive aspect in my opinion and no doubt the war game blogs will continue to grow. It's a supportive community even when life gets a bit dark like it did half way through the year when a family member passed away (Screw you Brain TUMOUR!).

Hopefully my posts in 2013 will be interesting enough for you to hang around. I got a few posts planned already so stay tuned and keep rolling dice.

Anyway all the best for 2013.
From Brendon (The Kiwi)

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