Wednesday, April 18, 2012

8.8cm AT Gun on Cruciform mount Part 3 (The Base)

Continuing on from Part 2 here is Part 3.
My bases in my Flames of War armys do not have edges painted a different colour. I prefer to glue sand on the edges and blend them into the fake ground surface on top of the base. No reason really. Just the way I did it to begin with and I still do it that way. It will keep it consistent in any case.
I really did consider adding some more detail to these bases to make them not so much as clones. Like hacking a wall down lower or draping some material over a wall, maybe some sandbags but I thought I can do some of that later if the mood strikes me. Why not just get them done.

After I sprayed on Black I then slapped on some English Uniform Brown.

Painting of the cruciform parst was done back in Part 2 with the other gun parts.
Base colours for wooden boxes (Desert Colour) and woven mats. Dark Green on the old shell packs. Brass on spent shells. Walls I started with London Grey the Stone grey highlight. Dark brown on wood parts of old structure. I over painted into other areas during this stage but I start wide then go narrow as the project progresses (from a larger brush to a small brush). Mistakes are fixed later and during the project.

Have a good look at the 2 bases on the right. Spot the difference. It's the way they came, I swear!

Brown wash on wood items, mats, shells and wood in the old walls.
I find that boxes painted a Desert colour then washed fairly heavily with Brown Shade make reasonable looking pine boxes. The not too old kind that is. Fairly fresh pine not old exposed timber that goes grey. But in this cartoon world of gaming we still see wood as brown really. Interesting.

Khaki highlight over the base brown dirt colour. Khaki is dry brushed over the ammo cases and edges of the Cruciform base to help dirty them and connect items to the ground. I imagine a lot of dust gets kicked up so it seems like the right thing to do.

Next glue the figures in place. I did a dry fit first and decided that I had to shave a bit of the 'Hands on Hips' fella and the 'Pointy' blokes bases to move them over a bit to give them some clearance for the gun shield near them.

Filler in the gaps. I used a sculpting tool to push and wipe it all in. Cheap house hold filler. Nothing fancy or expensive. Once dry the next day I used a needle file to knock off any unwanted pieces of filler.

Next was paint English Uniform Brown over the now dry filler and then again with the Khaki highlights. 

Almost complete. Cool!
At this stage I should have a good look over it and tidy and areas that I don't like. The figures may have some minor paint loss here and there after the handling they had. After that and before gluing on the gun I will flock. It is just way easier to get to areas on the base before the gun goes on.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi).

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