Tuesday, April 17, 2012

88mm Anti Tank Gun Part 2 (The Gun)

These are all the parts that make up the gun. Aiming Figure was completed in the Figure painting project as in Part 1. The small piece seen below with the circle in it (under the aimer) is actually a piece that will end up on the base.

I did a dry fit to see if I had worked it out and to show you how it looks.

1st gluing was the side wings onto the gun shield piece.

Next steps was Painting all the parts prior to assembly. This is not really the final paint as you can see I have not done the ends of the guns. Just trying to get the parts that will be hard to get to later on really. At the same time I painted the cruciform gun base on the resin bases. I might as well while I have the colour out.
Steps I did: Clean, file off mould lines and flash as usual. Spray with Tamiya Dark Yellow. Brown with a little Black Shade ink style wash. Then paint with Middlestone but added a little Desert Sand to the Middlestone to make it a little more faded too help highlight.  

Base piece onto gun shield. I used my needle file to remove paint from any areas taht had gluing connection points.

Aimer into Base piece.

2 pieces remain at this stage. Gun Tube and a smaller piece that slides over the Gun once you have glued it in place. Here they are after that is done sitting on the Bases. I am considering no Camo pattern on these guns. Another gun rushed to the front from the factory in the last months of the war perahps. 
Next will be Part 3 Basing.
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi).

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