Friday, April 20, 2012

8.8cm AT Gun on Cruciform mount Part 4 (Completed...or is it?)

Continuing on from Part 3.
I used 2 types of flock on my bases and this has been consistent with my Flames of War armys. 1st flock is a Woodlands Scenics green then the 2nd flock is a much smaller application of a flock like that Games Workshop bright green. I think it is Heike or some such German name mostly but it is bag of flock that I have added to over the years. GW, Heikie and those small green bags of flock that came in the Gale Force Nine Grape Vine terrain pieces box. All very similar too each other. It is bright so I only use it in small areas. I use an old small brush (a very old brush) and dab on PVA (white wood glue) mixed with a little water here and there. It is usually hot (& humid) here so the water stops the glue from drying out too fast. I then dump flock on it and leave to dry typically overnight before using a big old soft brush to get rid of flock that didn't glue down. I do these all in an old Tin Biscuit box so I can get un-glued flock back into the containers and it is not wasted.

1st Flock (Glued on the Gun Barrel travel support struts just prior to this as well. Leaning in the wall corners).
 2nd Flock
After a quick look over and any last minute touch ups I sprayed them with Tamiya Matt Clear.

Next glue the guns on and a little weathering and finish the ends of the tubes around the muzzle. I decided to be cheeky and paint some kill rings on the barrels. It might help folks be even more wary of them. I painted the sticks on the gun shield Biege Brown and gave them a Brown Shade wash. I figure they are some sort of connectible tube cleaning device. They may be intended to be survey leveling markers. You know, those red and white sticks. But that might look a bit bright on the front of a gun that is supposed to be laying in ambush.

 Finished (for now) and game ready.
 I hope you enjoyed my comprehensive posts of the making of these. Not something I usually do.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Looking Good!

    The Allied armour wont go anywere near your gaming table!

  2. Looks very nice, you got to love those 88's unless your Russian, American, or Brit of course.


  3. They look monstrously good to a fellow Wehrmacht player ;-)

  4. Thanks fellas. Hopefully they get a chance to gain more kill rings before they get destroyed.