Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Arab Army Kings of War Historical 28mm

I have been thinking about Army lists for Kings of War Historical recently and this prompted getting my Arab collection out of storage. These are all Gripping Beast plastics.

'Heroes' including an 'Army Standard'.

'Spearmen horde' that is not Minimum Model Count compliant


'Horse Archers' from behind

I used the generic Army options and came up with the following.

3 x Cavalry Regiments160 points each
3 Horse Archers Troop 90pts each
Bowmen Regiment 180pts
Spearmen Horde 200pts
Army Standard 50pts
General and Horse 100pts
Hero 50pts
Hero and Horse 65pts
Total = 1395 points

The rules is allow for some 'Veteran' upgrades which can add a few more points to the total.
I have the option to reconfigure the units but this was just an initial 'see what I have' layout. I am sure the layout above is very close along the lines of what I originally built them for.

Now I am thinking about future purchases and unfinished projects.

Cheers from Brendon