Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Long time between posts

Recently I have been building some Perry plastics for my Red & Black army. I managed to get a good deal via facebook from someones collection which included a box of Infantry. I was mostly after the stack of mounted Knights in the deal. I put the infantry to one side for a long time until I decided I can use them to make some 'double ups'. 'Double ups' help make my unit trays look a little more fuller.

I have not been very active in the wargaming hobby for a while. The lack of posts here is a reflection of that. I have been active in the physical sense though. During late September 2016 I decided to join the Gym life again. At various times in my life I have joined Gyms.
I found myself getting more and more uncomfortable with weight gain and after a holiday which saw me active in the outback I decided I wasn't fit enough to enjoy it as much as I could. A year on and September 2017 sees me signing on for another years membership. My weight has declined from around 126kgs to 91kgs and I feel so much better for it. Of course it meant cutting back on hobby time but I have a few projects planned so watch this space.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad to see you working on these WOR figures again, I found your work quite inspiring. But congrats on the weight loss, keep up the good work! Just make sure to get some time for the Beer & Bacon brigade, balance in good!
    Cheers, Peter