Friday, March 10, 2017

Six Red and Black Light Cavalry

New recruits for the nation that values Beer and Bacon above all that glitters. Light Cavalry from Perry Miniatures to defend the kingdoms high carb virtues.

These detailed figures take me longer than most at the same scale to complete but I was lucky enough to find some more time available to me the past week. Time seems to be in short supply for this hobby for me at the moment. But that's the way it rolls sometimes. 

Hope it's all been good in your part of the world. Here we saw a cyclone form nearby but only got to Category 1 and passed us by. Cyclone Blanche which had people humming the 'Golden Girls' theme. Those old enough to remember anyway.

Anyway cheers from here and I hope my dodgy photos look OK on whatever device you are viewing them on.


  1. As always a lovely job. Don't forget we love tea as well. Can't beat a good mug of tea.

  2. Gorgeous, love your splendid horses!

  3. They're really quite nice. I also dig the background you're photographing on.

    PS. I often use your blog as a painting guide for my horses.

    1. Thanks mate. That's a really great compliment. Cheers