Friday, February 10, 2017

Dark Ages recruits

Getting these 28mm mostly Gripping Beast infantry completed seemed to take a long time. Probably because I was also dabbing away at other in progress miniatures at the same time. A few more didn't get completed in time for the weekly deadline so there will be some overlap with other miniatures in a future post. Like how the lone Conquest Games Norman overlaps from the previous ones painted. He was 80% completed at last deadline.

All shields are hand painted except one (not the Norman one). The LBM decal shield had extensive weathering applied in any case.

Many years ago I created a handy army board out of the lid from a large plastic box that I usually used for storing and transporting scenery. That's what these miniatures have been placed on for this photography session.

A little shine on these miniatures was probably from over illumination when taking the pics. The light may be too close to the subject perhaps. They had plenty of Anti-Shine painted on them.

There are some bodies here from FireForge. I even added some arms from a Perry kit.

As at writing this it is very Monsoonal here in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. We may even get a Cyclone soon in this region. Crap loads of rain makes for great painting weather though.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Nicely done Brendon, I hope you don't get washed away though!

  2. They look furious, beautiful and motivated, excellent job Brendon!

  3. That's pure artwork. I would have never guessed they were the Gripping Beast minis, which usually look like crap. Yours are the opposite and beautiful.

  4. Age of Shitmar is spot on. You have a way with words. Hopefully the sales suck; and we'll see a wfb reboot.

    The kiss thing is a complete joke; I read in a magazine once that blogs should have a couple different things they do to stand (especially if they suck like mine) so I picked hugs and kisses.

  5. Great job and idea! I'm thinking in rebasing my saxons two per 25mm, to give more shieldwall real feel, even to play lion rampant! Thanks!