Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Terrain for the Undead

In the insanity of the consumer season otherwise known as Christmas I can find myself in shops that only get an annual visit from me. This 2016 season I found myself dragged into a Pet supply shop that had aquarium tanks, fish and household animal (non-human living variety) accessories and came across a couple of items that could be of use to a table top gamer.

Hairy man hand shown for scale.
The stairs and door may make the 'Valley of the Kings' more suited to 15mm but if really needed they could be obliterated with filler prior to a repaint to make them more suitable for 28m. The rear had some holes for fishes to swim through I am guessing that could be filled easily. Prices are Australian pesos.

Cheers and Bah Humbug! from Brendon


  1. That's pretty cool looking. Has making copies via molds crossed your mind?

    1. I didn't purchase the items. I have enough terrain I think. cheers

  2. Nice bit of Egyptian kit and bah humbug from Ireland!