Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Prep continues and new unit trays

I purchased some laser cut MDF products from Knights of Dice. 4 x Cavalry Troop unit trays and some cavalry single bases.
The outer lip on the unit trays required gluing on to the base which was no problem. After that dried I carefully angle cut the edge so they match my existing unit trays. Sand was glued on the edges as well prior to paint and flock.

Cavalry Troop unit trays with some blank spacers after primer spray.

Fireforge Mongol horses. Some on 50mm square bases.

During my prep for the Painting Challenge I realized I was a little short on Cavalry bases (25 x 50mm) but I had a few 50 x 50 bases. Looking at my Cavalry regiment trays that I had made in the past to accommodate 8 on a unit size for 10 it is actually legal to use a minimum of 6 miniatures on that Unit size in the Kings of War rules. For a Troop (5) three is also acceptable.
A light bulb went off in my head to make a few Calvary bases with one miniature on a 50 x 50 base.
Another economic way to make my collection stretch out to gain more units. I think this is also well suited to units that are classified as a 'Skirmish' unit in the KoW historical rules. Skirmish units do not block 'Line of Sight' so a unit with less figures and more space suits this rule in my opinion.
The square base is also great for the occasional horse on a bigger angle rather than the disciplined straight ahead usual way of basing.

Anyway if that is too many words here is a Perry Knights MOSH PIT!

Cheers from Brendon