Monday, August 22, 2016

Fleet Action Dystopian Wars

I had the chance to try out Dystopian Wars Fleet Action rules in a 600point Air-Force only game.
Empire of the Blazing Sun faced off against Antarctican Scientists inventions.

It was my first run through these rules and we learnt a lot about the rules and suspect that some minor aspects we didn't get correct. While the rules are much better in my opinion than the full blown version 2 rules and make for an improved experience. In my opinion some clarification or re-wording could help this game further though.

We ended the game prior to the on table conclusion but it looked like the Blazing Sun might prevail.
However it turned out that the Antarctic forces only have 1 Small air force option (as do my Blazing Sun) but that small choice are only small bombers so had no role to play in this game. Had I known beforehand I think it would only have been fair to make an allowance to include a small naval choice as an alternative. Even though that breaks the rule books force construction requirement.

The Antarctic forces seem to have a large amount of defensive ability when they are targeted. The Blazing Sun has great Long Range options.

Cheers from Brendon
Islands just for decoration. They played no part.

Tetsubo Interceptors and Blazing Sun forces.

Antarctic Scientists getting ready to blast.

More of Charles amazing painted details.
Yep....Amazing detail and freehand design by Charles.


  1. It does look like great fun and Charles' work is staggeringly good!

  2. Charles is certainly a rare talent! Looks like you enjoyed yourselves and thanks for the thoughts on the rules mate.

  3. Fantastic detail work by Charles. Thanks for sharing.