Friday, February 5, 2016

Painting horses step by step process (lots of pics)

I was asked to share some colours I use for horses so when I painted some I took some images as they progressed. I was also challenged to paint some Skewbald horses so these are featured below.
Three different manufacturers here, Gripping Beast (Arab), FireForge (Mongol) and Perry Miniatures (Wars of the Roses).
Sprayed Grey primer before any painting.  Flat brown on base, Pale Grey Blue all over (Vallejo paints). 
Any very close to white colour is better than using actual white.
It's an old trick to ensure infinitely better coverage than white. 
You could of course just spray prime your horse white.
A bit of white highlights. Makes them a lot brighter and it begins the shading as well.

Flat Brown to paint the patterns I saw from a few images online.  Also a Mongol horse all over Flat Brown while I am at it.

Painted one Mongol Horse all over USA Tan Earth and decided to wet brush over the Flat Brown horse as I have a few darker looking Mongol Horses already. Used the same colour for some bed rolls on the Skewbald Mongol horse.

German Grey all over a Mongol horse (still drying at the back), and saddles and leather and other bits and pieces on others.
Hooves as well as inside ears, and eyes and nostrils painted German Grey.

Beige Brown for some saddles and other parts. The Arab horses have a tassle under the neck. I make all of them German Grey though it's an opportunity for some colour.

This Vallejo Sky Blue covers dark colours nicely so was used for a simple pattern on the Arab horse (and the riders border).

Flat Brown again for Saddle and other parts.

Burnt Umber for bed rolls behind saddles and one Mongol horse strappings at the rear.
Khaki for Ropes, Bed roll, and strapping on the Arab horse.

USA Tan Earth saddle and strappings.

Army Painter Plate Mail Metal here and there. A few streaks of German Grey on 1 Mongol horse tail imitating what I saw in photo reference and Khaki was also used on the arrow bag on the Perry horse earlier.

Soft Tone by Army Painter wash. I thinned it a bit for the Skewbald horse in center. 

I tried this wash on the Arab horse and the Perry horses and the German Grey Mongol Horse.
I didn't like the result as much as the Soft Tone wash on the Skewbald horses so wouldn't do it this way again.
I also used this on the mane on only one of the Brown Mongol Horses. Makes this area look much darker even though it's the same colour as the rest of the horse.

The white darkens with the wash so another careful hit with white to help it look brighter again. A good time to do any corrections on the Brown areas as well and perhaps retouch the base if any paint went there.

Last part before Matt spray and flock is Wet brush (quicker than dry brush) the base with Khaki.
Tidy base edges with Flat Brown. Stone Grey for painting any rocks (named for the job?).
The ink washes can leave a  slightly greasy shine so I spray them with Army painter Matt.