Thursday, February 4, 2016

Painted Perry Miniatures Horse mounted warriors

Painted in January 2016 and photographed when completed for a weekly submission to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. That's why they are not all together in less photos. I am not posting these in the order of painting but instead the group they belong too as I try to catch up here.  

Thanks for having a look. I have painted a lot of horses since the Painting Challenge began in Late December 2015. I am finding it very interesting and enjoyable. I have also started to branch out from just brown and black horses. Sometimes that has been a bit tricky when  it doesn't work out the way I think it should. It's a learning curve though. This year certainly looks to be my own 'year of the horse' so far.
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. The horses are looking great. Some good variation in length of socks etc. Have you got the Painting Wargames Figures book by Javier Gomez? I think his painting horses section is particularly good.

  2. Great work and that backdrop really shows them off to their best.

  3. Wow Kiwi, they look A+, Wargames Illustrated quality! The socks look so natural.