Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Saga

Hope you all had a good Easter 2015. I didn't get up too much on the Hobby front at home over the long weekend. But I did manage to get down to the Darwin Tabletop Gamers and get some Saga on the table. Very rusty but it was fun. 1st game was a teaching game for a new player. It's great to get new players in our small club and hopefully after his victory in his first 4 point game as Vikings he is keen to collect and play. I didn't play in the first game but helped referee and teach the basic rules. The game was Warlord kill and it was over in a typically fast and brutal manner vs Jomsvikings..
In the second game I used the Norman faction with 6 points. 5 Hearthguard units on horses and 1 levy. 1 Hearthguard unit got split out to make 2 units of 6 hearthguads. We actually played short end to short end instead of long side to longside and that was probably the reason why I moved the Levy once and that was all they did in the whole game. We played the Mission with the Warlords glaring at each other in table center at the start of the game and the gods blessing them with 12 wounds each. I faced Norse-Gaels on foot with lots of javelins. Great learning game for us both and by a twist of fate the Normans won the day (only by a fraction though).

I purchased the Dead Zone box set on a special deal late last year and plan to use my small collection of Judge Dredd miniatures (once I have enough painted) to substitute as an Enforcers faction. I took the box down to the club and managed to get some interest. Good motivation for getting paint to the scenery and getting more miniatures completed. After looking at the Dead Zone Infestation kickstarter which will see the introduction of Ver-Myn (Sc-Fi Rat Men) I noticed the new terrain mat images and thought hmmmm. Easy enough to make your own if you have the know how...
Make a 2 feet square with 3 inch grid pattern and find suitable image from Google Earth.
Anyway enough rambling from me. Cheers from BrendonW (The Kiwi)


  1. Excellent looking games. Great to see more converts to SAGA :-) I've found the Normans quite handy at that second scenario you played. It's harder to get your Warlord out of the way as you have a larger "Warlord's Pride" range, but you can move your other troops up quicker to lend a hand.

  2. Thanks for the comments people.