Monday, April 28, 2014

Dark Age battle in pictures

On Sunday at the club after ANZAC day on Friday me and Lochy settled in for a Dark Age game using 'Kings of War' rules and my army lists as discussed previously. Lochy chose Vikings which left me with the Anglo-Saxons for game three. Will my previous experience pay off?
Anglo-Saxon to your left and Vikings on the right. At bottom of image opposing scouts move forward pre Turn 1.
Despite rolling Double 6 Nerve test TWICE some wounds from slings only managed 'Wavering' on this Viking horde.
Move out! Penitents Mob (Mad Monks) get some bow wounds. Viking Bowmen get some rocks in the face.
The near naked Berserkers cunningly hide behind larger units.
BANG! Militia Mob (perhaps zero training and improvised weapons) meet a Viking horde who lives only for war.
Mad Monks get a Flank charge and some Anglo-Saxon leaders and Militia mob try to break a Viking Horde.
Near the top opposing hordes clash.
Anglo-Saxon units bounce off and are pushed back.
Viking Berserkers move in and make quick work of seeing the Militia Mob horde off the table despite the presence of an Anglo-Saxon army standard and a General.
Viking units get among the Anglo-Saxon army. Viking Bowmen at the top sneak around the woods.
Anglo-Saxon Heroes see off the Berserkers that decimated the Militia Mob and incredibly the Mad Monks launch another flank attack and see off a Viking horde. Best they have done in three games so far.
Viking Bowmen at top continue to sneak around forest and get hits on the Anglo-Saxon mounted Army Standard forcing him to relocate. Three Anglo-Saxon heroes move up the hill but on the other side is Mad Floki the Viking Priest. 
An Anglo-Saxon horde falls to the blades of a Viking Horde with the help of a Viking General.
Mad Floki the Viking priest manages to see off the Mad Monks who had a lot of wounds by now.
Anglo-Saxon slingers are crushed by a Viking horde.
The Armys have shrunk in size.
The last unit of Berserkers is destroyed and Mad Floki successfully defends himself from slingers and an Army Standard
Mad Floki faces another opponent but still holds on but not for much longer.....the lunatic!
The female Viking General on the white Horse survives a brutal attack from an Anglo-Saxon Horde!
She gets her revenge as a Viking Horde crushes them after seeing her brave example.
She gets attacked again by a General but still holds on. Not much left of the Anglo-Saxons now.
Flank charge from the Viking Bowmen and a combined frontal assault by a Viking General and his elite Hordes sees the elite and last Anglo-Saxon horde disappear from the table. 
Despite the Anglo-Saxon heroes all trying one last assault on a Viking horde they bounce off and the game ends.
I think it is a win for the Vikings. 
A very enjoyable and entertaining game. I bounced some thoughts off Lochy about my choices for the lists and a great suggestion was to reduce the Foot Guard to a max size of a regiment rather than the Horde option. With Defence of 5 they stay in the fight a long time and they are supposed to represent the best most dedicated fighters but reducing them to Regiment size might help the feel of these games and make them a small unit of elite fighting men among the hordes. Another consideration is making the Berserkers a one unit only per army option. Another suggestion was to think up some scenario ideas apart from just good old pitched battle.

We played a game of Saga after this game and we both had a lot of rust from not playing that for a long while. Great to shake it off and play that game again.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Excellent battle report, that many figures on the table looks really impressive. Good to see the Vikings do their thing ;-)

  2. Great!

    The game report, table and painted figures look awesome!


  3. Excellent report, you have some fine looking minis!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone.

  5. A scenario or two based on Vikings Season 2 perhaps

  6. Love that series. Lots of inspiration in it for sure.

  7. Beautiful stuff. This looks like a great game! Where are those movement trays from? By the way, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award sir

    1. The Bases are custom made for me by They are excellent and I highly recommend them.

  8. Thanks Kieran. I will post about that soon. Thats really cool.