Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Casualty bonus round entry

Another few figures that sat in my 'round to it' area. Perfect for the Painting Challenge theme bonus round of Casualty(s). Plastic 28mm, Conquest Games Normans. The knight comes with the Knight box and the other fellas with guts ache from the infantry box. They really are a great little bonus in those kits. As you can see I also created a couple of bases with a some battlefield junk. The downed knight is on a 50 x 50 base which handily is the same size as two mounted knights so a good base to increase the size of a unit of Knights (or decorate a large unit perhaps).
Go have a look at other entry's here. Some amazing efforts among them.
I have another Dystopian model to post soon but it has to be posted on the painting challenge first so come back soon.

Basing the others on 25mm rounds means I can use them as space fillers and add a bit of interest to my warbases unit trays. They can perhaps be used as exhausted tokens in Saga as well.
I had a classic bonehead moment when I went to matt spray these and some other figures. Wrong can! Panzer Yellow instead!. Fortunately it only took a little work to fix the areas of light spray. Lesson well and truly learnt!

Cheers form Brendon


  1. Casualties and cowards! Glad to hear that you averted a disaster, these are far too good to be covered in custard!

  2. Really lovely base fillers, congrats!
    Glad you've managed to fix that spray problem.

    By the way have you considered pinning the fallen knight with a spear, or a couple of arrows, to make sure he's really dead, and not just avoiding getting into melee along with his brothers in arms?

  3. Yeah I did consider that Axt but I just decided to get them completed as they are.
    Cheers and thanks for the comments.