Thursday, January 30, 2014

War Machine Khador War Jacks

As I have mentioned previously the War Machine game is seeing some interest at my local club. So I thought I might just give it a go at some stage in the future but not before I have painted some toys for a force. I found a plastic battlebox for a good deal on ebay. An unopened box as well. The Khador force appeals to me the most visually and also has a reputation for good Warjacks (these giant steam and magic powered battle robots). I will try and be disciplined enough to stick with one faction only. That shouldn't be a problem as I just don't want to to part with more money than 1 faction will cost. A lot of options in building a force as the game has that collectible aspect about it even though it is a skirmished based game.
Turns out when you open the box it is not one of those on the sprue plastic sets but the bagged pieces type. A lot of parts. It took a while to clean up not that the flash was bad but, like I said a lot of parts. I used some time in lunch breaks until it was ready for a black spray. I decided on these two that a base paint before assembly would probably make getting to some areas a lot easier for me. I was considering entering these in the Vehicle bonus round but I wasn't going to get them complete before the deadline. I didn't work on these as one continuous project. As I tend to do I actually completed a stage then would do something else for a while on other figures. When I started I did not have a picture in my head of how I wanted them to look but I did want to show more metal than the example ones on the cover of the box. I had no problems sticking with Red as the traditional faction color for Khador but did not want as much of it on display as the examples either. I used the colors I have applied to my Mantic Dwarf army. Actually the Dwarf army has an option for a 'Steel Behemoth' so perhaps I could use these for that. I can imagine some great conversions with the area above the head replaced with a dwarf pilot and perhaps replace the head with a flame cannon as well.
I wanted a worn look on these so I started painting paint chips but then went to the method of some ripped blister foam dipped in metal paint. A much better result than painting it on. I am pleased with the result. Happy enough that I have ordered some more variants. Anyway enough jibber jabber from me.

 Cheers from Brendon


  1. Very nice painting and impressive models - what scale are they?

    1. I think it is 32mm heroic? These are new ground for me to paint these and these are the biggest toys I have painted in a long time.

  2. Nice work, I like your scheme its a really classic Khador look. Brings back memories for me of my early days in Warmachine ... when it was all pewter still. Great blog too btw, thank you sir!