Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's GO! Painting challenge!

Now leaving Planet Prep all passengers please prepare for painting conditions ahead.
What a hectic weekend I just had. Saturday was spraying and trying to get more miniatures ready for priming. Sunday was the first day of the Painting Challenge and what did I do...spend the entire day painting like a lunatic. Nope! I went gaming and got in two games of Flames of War which was awesome. I did get a little painting done though. This challenge has been very motivating so far.

Above is what I managed to get assembled (or almost built) and sprayed. A wide variety of toys. Cowboys, Gladiators, Dark Ages and WWII. I have of course more stuff in the wings but for now this is an excellent start. Yeehaw!
Looks like Country Codes have been added to the challenge so I will contribute to the score board for Australia. First cab of the rank for painting is some parading Monks. They should qualify as Non-Combatants in the first bonus challenge. So like Curt's email said...I better get to the rowing bench and get my oars in the water.
Darwin Beer Can Regatta! I'll drink to that!
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Very cool - do those things actually float!

  2. They sure do. They have races and 'The Battle of Mindil'. At Mindil Beach of course in the dry season when it's not Box Jelly Fish season and you can swim without being worried about getting a deadly sting.

  3. I do like that assortment of armor on your table. And to be honest, I wouldn't mind contributing to either the making or rowing of a beer can Regatta! Good luck, Kiwi!

  4. Seems is wasn't the only one gaming while Rome burned. Ironically I was playing FoW as well but I only managed the one game.

    1. Hard to pass up the opportunity to have a game.

  5. a real tank fest will be great to watch

  6. Now that's my sort of prepping table - fabulous eclectic! Best of luck with the challenge and always happy to lend an oar for those boats!

  7. Great mix of stuff Brendon Good luck